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I just added Retrofit to a new project to try it out and I'm getting a lot of socket timeouts. Making the same request via curl has no issues, so I must be missing something simple. I'm using Gradle and I've added OkHTTP as a dependency, but that doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have any insight?

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My new phone :)

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I don't care what phone OS you like, this is funny.

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The iOS App Store and the Google Play Store are different beasts. That being said, there is some things in the post by Marco Arment that are true for Android as well. I do believe the mindset of users on Android is different, but it's changing and people are starting to demand better quality apps.

I'm still thinking over this topic and will probably have more to say about it. It's kind of important to me seeing as how im trying to make a living off of a paid app :)

Code refactoring day :) One of my favorite things to do as a developer.

Da Bulls! 

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Great video about the guys at Panic.

Today is my first day of full-time self-employment :)  Nervous.  Scared.  But way more excited.

Go +TwentyFive Squares!

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I just can't get over the skins.  I find the Samsung's Touchwiz to be one of the worst.  The unaltered Android experience is good and there is just no comparison at this point.  Even with the HTC One (which is a great looking phone and the skin isn't as bad), I still wish it had stock Android.  That is the phone that I want: HTC One + stock Android
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