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The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

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The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

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Mobile SEO Myths - Yes there are different steps to optimizing content for mobile, but there are some things that are just not required to get ranked. Thanks +Bryson Meunier for putting this together over at +Search Engine Land.

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Check this out!
Posted by +Gabriel Vasile on behalf of the +Creative Web Design page:

How Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Social Media Are Changing SEO

Remember this: Social Media + SEO = Leverage!

The line between Social Media and SEO is burred and crossing at many different intersections. Smart marketers are learning how to leverage Social Media for SEO benefit and vice versa. Basic ways these two marketing powerhouses are happily married include:

1. Social Media builds community and engagement, which results in greater link building as content gets shared (the viral effect)
2. Social sharing presents opportunities for user generated links that are valuable in your SEO campaign off and on your owned properties
3. Social Media research contributes to greater understanding and insight for SEO research, improving the foundation of your campaigns
4. Increased social and SEO results leverage each other for greater visibility across social and search networks
5. Increased dual visibility increases subscribers, readers, content consumers, and ultimately targeted traffic contributing to even greater results across both
6. Search has (and will continue to) increase integration of social personalization from a users social connections, increasing opportunities for search positioning

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"We have seen many instances over the last two years of social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter affecting the search engines. I see this having a positive and negative impact on marketing using SEO and search engines in general." You should be aware of the next things:

1. Google launches Google+ and personalized search
Google now ranks content that is shared via Google+ as more relevant. If a credible person shares your link or gives you a +1, than this is q “social vote” for your webpage. The other thing that Google has quietly done is Personalized Search. When you sign up for Google+, you have the option of turning on Personalized search results where google will show you hints it thinks are more relevant to you personally based on your past searches.

2. Facebook has grown and is nearing an IPO
If and when Facebook goes public, they will be looking for more ways to improve customer and shareholder value.

3. LinkedIn goes Public
LinkedIn has gone public in 2011 and is now rapidly evolving features past all other social media platforms. New features focused on delivering added value to advertisers are popping up. Recent features include the addition of LinkedIn skills to user profiles. This allows advertisers and recruiters to find candidates more easily, but also provides yet another way of using your information to determine your relevance to the subject matter people are searching for.

The addition of company pages and twitter like functions have given a new context, business, by which we can measure relevance of shared content.

Social Optimization: Staying Ahead in SEO Using 4 Tips

1. Add Social Sharing Buttons to your Blog or Content
2. Build a Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook Presence
3. Locate and Connect with Thought Leaders in Your Field
4. Create Compelling Titles and Content

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6 Reasons Why Social Media Trumps SEO

Good social media translates into higher SEO rankings – but you can’t say the same thing about good SEO practices.

1. Some People Twitter Profile’s PR is 6
2. Social Nets get Googled
3. Social is a Virus
4. Social Media is “im-media-te”
5.Greater potential for Authority Status
6. Search is going social

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Want to boost your web ranking? Get the services of a SEO company. Get quotes from

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