#hackweek7 at SUSE was a big success for me.
I made a cool abstraction in my OS-autoinst auto-testing framework that allows me to control VirtualBox with qemu monitor commands like "sendkey ctrl-alt-delete" or "screendump 123.ppm". It is 90% complete - only audio-tests (not possible?) and the more esoteric upgrade and usbboot setups are missing.
But what is it good for? Well, sometimes we hit strange bugs that might just as well be bugs in KVM itself rather than bugs in openSUSE. Now we can automatically cross-check with VirtualBox (which emulates different hardware). This can give us extra hints if it is a generic bug that will also affect physical machines.
Also many beta testers run the latest Factory version in VirtualBox, so making sure that this works, is also a good thing.
If you want to try the new vbox code, you need to edit start.pl to change "qemu" to "vbox" - and you need to manually create a VM in VirtualBox named "12.1Beta" with a HDD of at least 8GB.

Apart from that I also did make my code more robust and easier to maintain using my new "waitstillimage" function that waits until the screen output is no more changing. I updated the Debian and openSUSE tests to make use of it.

I also started to make the whole openSUSE install work in text-mode (which was useful as there was an X11 crash during install). That was nearly as easy as selecting "text" videomode in the bootloader, because libyui already abstracts most differences between Qt, gtk and ncurses UIs.

overall: a lot of fun...
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