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Dawn Black (The Sacred Hearth)
Homesteading Hearth Witch
Homesteading Hearth Witch
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Promoting Diversity and Fostering Empathy in our Children
In light of recent events, I have been puzzling over the lack of empathy among my fellow Americans. I am confused because I have always been told that America is a melting pot, a unique culture made up of all the culture of the world come together. We are a...

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Hearthkeeping for the New Moon in Capricorn - Clean up your Money
As the moon wanes in the sign of Capricorn, I suggest to you that it
is time to get organized, perform a deep cleansing on our finances, and
take a close look at our budget. Capricorn loves an organized household
and this new moon's energy will help you ...

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Adventures with Sourdough
So my dad gave me a sourdough starter a few weeks before Thanksgiving last year and gave me strict instructions for caring for it and extremely vague directions for actually making bread out of it. The instructions included feeding it daily and weighing wat...

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Imposing a Magickal Moral Code (and the Tyranny of "Harm None")
I hear it all the time "Harm none". It has nothing to do with me, but I hear it all the time. Because Wicca is the best marketed of non-traditional religion and witchcraft paths, its members like to quote rede at me whenever a moral dilemma comes up. Never ...

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Four Words that Can Save the World
We are mothers. We have the future of the world in our hands. Our
children are the future and everything that we hate about the world will
be carried into the future on their shoulders. Or not. It is our
responsibility to teach them to build a community ...

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Little Rituals
Before I begin, I feel that perhaps some definitions are in order. When I refer to rituals, I refer to meaningful things done over and over. These are not necessarily ceremonies, they need not be flashy. Rituals can be as simple as a kiss before bedtime, or...

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In Defense of Hades: A Closer Look at the Abduction of Persephone
Hades gets a bad rap. It always comes home this time of year when the story of "The Rape of Persephone" starts getting tossed around as it's a seasonal favorite. It's really a very cool story, but the way it's often told nowadays is simply unfair to Hades. ...

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Teaching Kids Sign Language
So I went to visit my Midwife the other day for my annual "not pregnant and staying that way" exam and consultation and there were several ladies in the waiting room with me who  were  pregnant and who were discussing their plans for their impending arrival...
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