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My sales guy was great and helpful. The finance guy was a joke. i would not have such a rude and arrogant individual talking direct to any customer of mines if i owned a dealership. (i just got out of bankruptcy so my credit options are limited) The finance guy comes and sits down with me after i finish up with my sales guy and says that on a normal day he would never be speaking to a person like me but today is my lucky day. (really on a normal day you wouldn't talk to a person like me?) He starts talking about a some promotion but that stuff didn't stick in my head. this is what i remembered from our convo-----> after some back and fourth he tells me that the $31,000 car that i was interested in was too expensive for me. So i told him if i put $10,000 down im sure a bank could approve the loan. he tells me that the bank is gonna say ima fraud if i have $10,000 because i just came out of bankruptcy. he then proceeds to say that even if i put $30,000 down on a $31,000 vehicle the banks still wouldn't touch it. the guy was talking loud and just being a jerk. maybe because i was in a Volkswagen dealership looking at a preowned Audi that was on sale but the owner was using for personal use. who knows. but thank you Volkswagen of Union, NJ. You definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and i will spread this story to every single person i know and post on every website that youre on.
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