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Writing an article on Weight Watchers: what's broken and how to fix it. If you've had any experience with weight watchers, would love to hear your thoughts on it!
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Weight Watchers was interesting. The emphasis on points for food items, while simple, just didn't feel like it was the proper thing to be doing. I found it to be unsustainable and ended up gaining the weight back after I stopped going to the meetings. I guess the only thing really keeping the weight off was me going and sitting in a room with the same people every week...
I have a friend that's on Weight Watchers and has been for years. I think it CAN be a really good program if done properly. If you make sure you have a balanced diet, I think it could be a really good way of restricting calories. Watching people eat a piece of cake and nothing other than celery for the rest of the day doesn't sit well with me. Or "saving" all of your points for the day so you can go on a bender later? Nuh uh. Also, I think that it can make you a little scale-obsessed. I just want to feel good! I don't want to feel like I've failed if I don't make it to a 'goal' weight.
I've done WW four (ish) times, starting in high school, and continuing through to just a few years ago. I have two main thoughts: (1) The old-skool WW--where you had limited foods for the first week, less-limited for the second, even less-limited for the third and so on--taught better eating habits and patterns than the current "points" system; and (2) the less-old "core" program really made a lot of sense.

Wait . . . another main thought: WW fails miserably at encouraging and supporting maintenance.
So, while I'm always a little skeptical of a company who wants to help you lose weight (how do they continue to profit if you succeed?) I have never had much luck with Paleo or any diet in which I can only stick to certain foods. The temptation to "cheat" is too strong. I dong get that with WW or calorie counting because nothing is off limits per se. For me its all about balance. I try to avoid proceeded food and eat healthy, but at the end of the day, if I want a piece of French bread with my beef stew, I know I'll be ok. I use the WW online tools and I've lost nearly 90lbs. I know lbs aren't the only measure of health but I've never felt better or more in control.
That's really cool, I wanted to do weight watchers but they couldn't figure out how to take my money and they talked about money the entire time I was there and suggested I go two towns over to their meetings and I wouldn't really fit in.  I felt pretty horrible and left.  I do Paleo but cheat a lot, however - limited bread (and it has added protein and low glycemic) and no pasta and I have lost a little weight.  I still drink too any calories.  Great on the weight loss! 
I lost all interest when they told me I should stop making my breakfast smoothies that used Almond milk, spinach, and fruit because almonds are fattening. Instead I should buy thier powders smoothie mix...... yeah everything was a bloody sales pitch and it is all about weight loss with very little regard to health...
Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can do miracle surely 
I have. I think the plan is good but it falls about one the people side. Leaders giving poor advice on things thing that they don't know about untell you go back and review the material for your self. Example: Don't use almond milk because nuts are high in fat.... The material did not support that claim.  Another thing was I was nursing at one point and they provide League of whatever provide guidelines for nursing weightloss. I had a week where I was under alot of stress and I dropped alot of weight that week. They people there was like go you. I was not happy because that is not good for the baby. They said the League of whatever was a bunch of crack pots.....    So like I said the people involved take thier own stances and it can push people to do things that are not in their best interest but the plans and material is great once they changed and made fruits and veggies "free:"\
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