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Easter Weekend 2016
Another holiday in the books.  In the last five months we have celebrated Thanksgiving, Tanner's birthday, Christmas, Dillan's birthday,  little holidays like Valentine's and St. Patricks Day and now Easter, all without Brandon.  It's hard.  I'm doing my be...

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2015 in Review
People always say that as you age the years slip by faster.  I distinctly remember my grandma Bernadette sitting in her beloved glider saying those words to me.  It's true.  This year has been a beautifully, messy blur of core memories. Buying a home. We st...

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Christmas Vacation
My goal this year was to have all Christmas shopping done by the end of November so that December wouldn't have any form shopper's anxiety going on.  I did all of my shopping online except for one gift for Brandon and then a few stocking stuffers.  This hol...

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Dear Dillan #4
Dear Dillan,   Things I want to remember and want you to know. Last night, to keep up with our tradition, we made your birthday cake.  You put all of the ingredients in for the cake batter but wanted Tanner to do the frosting since, since you didn't share d...

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Dear Tanner #6
Dear Tanner, Things I want to remember and want you to know. For your birthday you asked that your friends Ares and Camdyn could come over for a pizza party.  You wanted an outer space theme... The day before your birthday, we made your birthday treats.  We...

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This Week in Photos
A FEW of the things that made our week special. On Monday, I had just gotten home from picking Tanner up at school, when I got a phone call. The caller told me she had a few questions about my application to the YMCA. I interrupted her and told her that I h...

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Safe and Sound
On Thursday night I put my boys to bed before 8:00pm, as usual, and
was talking to my cousin on the phone and wrapping Christmas presents, along with
Tanner's birthday presents.  I normally detest wrapping gifts, but this night I was embracing the task, a...

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Some of my favorite Thanksgiving's are still from my childhood.  Aunts, uncles and cousins would all descend upon my grandparents small log home.  The cousins would often run around outside playing games like Annie, Annie Over or take walks around "the loop...

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Day to Day Routine
I'm a creature of habit. I thrive on routine.  Without Brandon around we have fallen into a very busy, but comfortable routine. Every morning we wake up, between 5am and 6am, and FaceTime with Brandon before he goes to bed. I get a 30 minute work out in and...

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A Weekly Account
My 200th post on, Life is a Highway, is going to be the start of a series. Brandon left on November 8th to serve a year in South Korea. My goal is to write a weekly blog post while he is gone. Brandon got orders in February to Korea.  We have always known t...
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