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have a break...
testing adobe camera raw vs. nik silver efex pro 2
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Oh God, I've a deja vu! This is the brother of the big heavy snoring woman that I see each morning in the bus to work!
Who did the testing? The guy on the bench?
+Oliver Syré ;) me, i try to reach the effects simpler than in silver effects because of saving time and bytes...
That's how I feel sometimes: Deflated.
yo Roman, whats the best B&W preset in Lightroom 4?
yes, but i love vol 1 because of the portra, tri x and tmax ;)
When I see your pictures I wonder how you can find scenes like this so interesting. COMPOSITION LOOKS arranged! Roman, are your eyes that you find these scenes, or do you have much luck finding them?
Perfect photo!
I think he's got a keen quick sense to shot in that perfect moment all the time ;p
+Tania Silvado first i understand, how i think that these scenes can be interesting. indeed - it's lil bit luck and it's the sense to find this. for example this was easy, because he/she sleeps. the compositions are also also lil bit luck and trying to find a position for a clean background. i educate my eyes by seeing many many photographs in books, museums, exhibitions and web - but only the masters. and then i try to understand why these scenes are brilliant...
Roman, I understand - your eyes are special by nature and highly trained by you, by your experience
You have the eyes of the master ... it is not lucky.
sincerely, it's my opinion ;)
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