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Live honey bee removal & relocation service
Live honey bee removal & relocation service

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This is the time of year that we get many calls because of misidentification of solitary bees for honey bees. Some of the various species of solitary bees look so similar to honey bees that it makes us stop and think for a moment to.
These bees were a good example.
We had a call from a commercial property asking us for advice about some bees entering a wall cavity at various points. We had been sent a couple of photos but no close ups so remote identification was difficult.
From the images they looked very much like honey bees, and we regularly encounter honey bees occupying similar spaces, getting into a wall cavity via weep holes, holes in window frames and any other opening in a wall.
As soon as we arrived it was clear to us that these were not honey bees.
For those of you wanting to know how we established this so quickly just look at the body; its covered with lots of hairs, this is an easy give away. If you look at our page you will see pictures of honey bees; they have a shiny surfaced rear body section.
These bees pose no threat what so ever and are fascinating to watch.
Their sting is too small to penetrate our skin, so you can get up really close and not worry about being stung.
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