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Best trailer so far.  Can't wait to see it!
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Totally second this. :)
"Should I get Glass?"
If you're asking yourself that question, here's my thoughts-

I've had Glass for less than a year. I can say that it's been, literally, the most exciting time in my life - I've never worked harder, met more people, made more connections or accomplished more than any point in my life. I'm thankful to all the other Explorers I've met, the opportunities it has created, and the things I have learned. I would buy Glass again in a SECOND. If you're willing to accept a "beta" product, give feedback, be involved, and can imagine use cases and possibilties (that you want to be a part of) - I think you will be as happy with it as I am. And if you DO get Glass, you need a GPOP ;)
#askanexplorer   #googleglass   #glassexplorers  
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Absolutely.  I don't think it's for everyone right now, particularly at this price.  I worry that some of the people that bought yesterday didn't go into the buy with their eyes open there.
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I was surprised not to see +Chris Pirillo at this last night!
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Argh. I need to get to more of these events. :P
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You can' t go wrong with an easy chart like this.
Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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Blue sky. #throughglass  
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Is there a cyanogen mod for Glass yet? :P
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Eureka.  University Village, Seattle.

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Google is opening up the Glass Explorer program to the general public for what appears to be one day only: April 15 (today!), starting at 6am PDT.  

I have worn my Glass every day since getting them a couple of months ago and I love them.  I'm excited about where they (and really, wearables like them) can go.   There are some kinks to werk out, but I've really enjoyed them so far.  Google has also done a really great job with customer service and support around everything Glass so far.  (And I got to meet a lot of really great and friendly Glass Explorers when I was in Austin!)

That being said, Glass probably isn't for everyone yet; there's definitely a reason they haven't given these a wide-spread consumer release.  This is technically still a beta, and sometimes that still shows.  (The number of approved Glass apps is still limited, for instance.)

For all the bad press you may have seen or read, I really haven't had any bad experiences when wearing them.  People are generally genuinely curious and interested to know more, or they ignore them -- but everyone has been polite.  (And it's my responsibility to be the same, if not more.)

So, is Glass for you right now? Maybe not.  Not everyone's use case and interest is the same.  But if the Explorer price doesn't deter you, Glass and its application interests you, and you want a chance to be able to give feedback on new technology, this is a great opportunity to get in without having to wait on the list for invites.


(If you have any questions on my experience with Glass, feel free to ask.  I keep meaning to post about my initial thoughts, but haven't gotten past my first draft.)

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Too bad they only want U.S. residents. I think it would be great to use Glass to document everyday life in a small European city. Like mine. Then I could take a day and go to Barcelona to the Sagrada Familia and blow their circuits!
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Fisher Plaza #throughglass
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I know, right?  I've been fairly impressed with its capabilities so far.
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