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for all the lovely, lovely people who have told me off over the last few months, in the lovelist of ways and for the loveliest of reasons for selling the tearoom where we all had such a lovely time, i would like to state in my Sincere And Solemn Defence, that although the serving of the tea and the forgetting of the milk and the running back to go get the milk and the asking of the hallowed question "what the heck's a macchiato?" were duties that i took very seriously and performed with all due diligence and consistancy (i'd like any man here to speak up now if i ever remembered their milk...i think not!) there is another duty that i hold even more sacred that could not be denied. and in the fulfillment of this sacred duty all other sacred duties are as leaves on the wind and must be put aside or thrown asunder...
and that someone is me...

soooooooo good people, question: where do you go now if you need whimsy? what if, for example, you have an emergency and the only thing that can possibly save the day is a excessive dose of temporary measure (i can't quite think of exactly what kind of emergency that would be...but it's pretty urgent/possibly life or death) well you have many, many options let me tell you, and here they are in an easy to read list format...
option one: go and visit Mrs F's…/Mrs-Fs-Fine-Foo…/762773977115328… 
all our waffle and wonders are still available at 74 Main street but with the added benefit of a proper menu and better service  you can even order your canvas commissions through the shop and Mrs F will pass them along to me (you may need to help her fill the commission form in for a while, but you guys know the drill by now)
option two: if leaving the house just seems too fraught with peril then have no fear, the website is fully functional/works just as well as it always has, and the team are ready and waiting at The Factory to dispatch your orders using one of the THREE yes count them THREE work stations available for packing. check. us. out.
option three: we've been busting our chops over the last twelve months to bring temporary measure closer to home for all of you reprobates and ne'er do wells who for some reason, known only to yourselves, have decided to live in other parts of the country. So here's the list of how far we've got in our efforts to make you so sick of seeing us, that we become the starbucks of the craft world. SNORT. you know what to do, go congratulate them for their exceptional taste in the manner that you see fit, using varying degrees of physical contact, eye contact or contact sport. whichever you're most comfortable with. Alfriston, sussex great missenden, bucks. carlisle, cumbria langley, herts worcestershire leeds penarth london hartley wintney, hampshire exmouth, devon
Jane Armour Trading, taunton, somerset moray, scotland exeter brighton penwortham, preston cumbria swinfen, staffordshire… tenterden, kent Barnsley london
Monroe, Rye stroud, glos. norfolk warwick petworth, west sussex
The Card Gallery Exeter truro frome, somerset caterham, surrey christchurch, dorset stratford upon avon, warwickshire kirriemuir denbighshire

still with me? you beauties. your prize for getting this far is to be let into a small not-so-secret secret...if only the real thing will do, if it's the full shebang or nothing at all, then there is only one option for you, and that is...
we'll be on king street from the 12th of november until the 22nd of december. we are going Old School for the festive season, Back To Where It All Started, only a little bit cheekier and with a little bit more mud on our boots. 
and if we are leaving our hills behind for a whole month, and having to re-learn how to use the public transport system, and cross the road, then the only way we are going to make it through is if you help us do it.
WE DEMAND VISITORS. visitors bearing tea and bus time tables. 
visitors inquiring as to our general well being. visitors we haven't seen for years, visitors we saw yesterday. visitors with tales of Dramatic Events. visitors who leave one word notes. visitors in disguise. visitors, we demand you.
see. you. there x

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WE ARE SORRY.  we are wearing our sorriest faces. we are very, very, very sorry indeed. and we are mainly sorry to everyone who has tried to come visit the shop in the last few weeks and has found the drawbridge raised and no one home. 
the very next time you see us we will allow you one punch on the arm and a curse word of your choice aimed in our direction. 
it was not the plan.
the plan was, what we truly believed would happen, what we genuinely thought would be the case, was that MRS F (who has been ready with her pinny on for quite some time) would have  graciously received The Sacred Teaspoon Of Destiny and The Slightly Chipped Cup And Saucer Of  Victory during the secret and solemn transferal ceremony, and would, by now, be shouting out scone orders and polishing the silver ware, and the not-so-silver ware, behind the hallowed doors of no.74 main street, keswick. 
but clearly this was not quite what happened. 
what actually happened, in real life, with no hint of unnecessary elaboration or excessive whimsy of any kind. honest ;) was that The Sacred Teaspoon Of Destiny kept getting lost under the mountains of legal paperwork (that basically contained the words heretofore and aforementioned repeated over and over.) and then one of the solicitors accidentally took The Slightly Chipped Cup And Saucer Of Victory away on one of their compulsory holidays, where it spent some in the lost baggage department before being seized by customs as an item of rare and quite possibly priceless antiquity. they would only give it back if we produced an item of equal value to use as swapsies. so we thought long and hard and offered them a left shoe that had once (possibly) belonged to Brian Blessed. they accepted immediately.
and so you can see, really, why after all these real life, really real events we thought that the shop would be open again much sooner.

are we agreed?

are we forgiven?

not yet...well we may just have one or two tricks up our sleeves that will change your mind, and don't worry, neither of them is a shoe. 
so brace yourselves for some forgiving people.  

Thing That Will Make You Forgive Us No.1
we will be re-opening the shop from today up until the change over, while the legals take their last few days of polishing The Teaspoon, making some superficial repairs to The Cup and Saucer, and throwing around some more heretofores. and in the meantime MRS F will think of more dazzling delights to add to the new menu.
so come back already will ya? the drawbridge is hoisted already!

Thing That Will Make You Forgive Us No.2
we have just printed and packed and loaded onto the website for your purchasing pleasure, the entire temporary measure list greetings cards. what? true. 
the list of reasons to fall in love...
the list of reasons to run for the hills...
the whole caboodle are now available as cards. so for all the times we've been asked if we would do it, and for everyone who never had quite enough change in their pockets for a canvas version - this ones for you. knock yourself out :) 

are we forgiven now?
the kettles on x
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