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back in the day...
Consolette / Atari, Inc. 1976
source arcade-museum

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Epic 81 days without leaving the office. Developer vows to stay "until we ship". New site launched just in time for the holidays.

What inspired that level of dedication and passion? 

LockerDome already had 20+ million monthly visitors, as the "Facebook of Sports". The new site was going way beyond that. Beyond sports, and beyond what other social networks were doing.

Solving a Fundamental Problem that Matters to You

We find our favorite things online. Things that make us laugh, make us think, expand our worldview. Things that define and shape us, reflecting our values and passions. We share. We build up a public identity. We participate in social network activities in many ways, but it tends to be ephemeral. Fleeting. The past is a long scroll over a long timeline. One big intimidating list. It can be searched, but there's no meaningful structure. With no organization, a bunch of stuff is just a storage shed, not a collection. 

The collection outcome should follow from the collecting activity.

- your lockers = your interests
- like photo albums, but for anything
- each locker is a followable channel
- follow only lockers that interest you

Organize is work, Collect is play
- simple to hang the same stuff to multiple lockers
- over time, you have an organized collection instead of a messy timeline

- share locker ownership with friends and collaborate
- create public community lockers for open contributions to a theme
- class projects, group efforts, artistic collaborations

Hashtag support everywhere
- hashtags are followable channels
- they link your content to similar content

Live embeddable content
- embed content or channels in blogs and websites
- collect in one place

Content creators
- articles, blogging, photos, video
- multi-channel publishing and discovery support
- supports long-tail content, since every re-share or comment is a bump

Unified conversations
- for the same link, photo or video, all comments go to the same place
- unifies the conversation across different lockers and different users
- the opposite of G+ where every share fragments the conversation

To answer the question that is still on your mind, the developer was +Cryptic Swarm. This was a team effort, with an incredibly hard-working team, but his epic effort deserves recognition. I'm one of the developers, and I'm in awe of my teammates, the product we are building, and where it is heading.

Happy Holidays!

#LockerDome   #InterestGraph   #StLouis   #epic   #passion   

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I'll be at this event in Middletown, California this evening. We hope to have a large turnout, so if you are in the area, please join us!

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The new website for the bookstore I'm going to be buying soon with a business partner.

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I just set up a G+ page, so I reckon I should let people know it exsts ;) 

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A new profile picture to go with my new game :)

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The brand new website for my game cards - patent pending since Friday.

hoo boy, I really don't use G+ much, do I?

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A great and important cause - I hope you'll help support it!
~Please consider supporting this Important Petition, over 100,000 Signatures from around the world! Share this please!
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