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It's very simple. For mixing, I now accept budget ranges. I call this "Ballpark Pricing." As of February 2018, any band, musician or artist can email me with their budget and so long as it is reasonable I will take on the project. The range is vast so that "reasonable" has very flexible meaning. I can assess a project and the circumstances, so just throw your budget out to me. What's the worst that can happen? I don't take the project.

So I leave that up to you. Considering all factors, what's your music worth? what's my time worth working on your music?


Again, very simple. For any project, every 4th song brings a 10% discount.


4 Song Project = 10% off total​

8 Song Project = 20% off total

and so on...


With referrals, there are 2 levels of discounted special pricing.

​1. Simply refer a lead to me. Here are the prerequisites:

- Refer another band or musician looking for mixing. They should be a real
band of course, and get in touch with me. Just be honest about it and it's
all good however it turns out.

- Have a 3-song minimum project for me from you.​

​What YOU get: 10% off total

​2. Refer a lead with conversion. Here are the prerequisites:​

​ - Same as above, refer another band or musician looking for mixing along
with a commitment from that other band in the form of a deposit.

- Have a 3-song minimum project for me from you.​

​What YOU get: 1 FREE mix + 10% off total
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