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A Long, Strange Trip
This appeared in today's Indian Express . LINCOLN IN THE BARDO George Saunders In
the old witticism about the power of belief, scientists assert that according
to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee’s body isn’t designed for flight. Being
unaware of thi...

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On Tahmima Anam
Wrote this for Harper's Bazaar India's Jan-Feb issue.

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What some memorable books of 2016 said about 2016
This appeared in today's The Hindu . In
a year that many would like to forget, at least there was solace to be found in
some memorable books that mirrored and often provided a context for what we
went through. While
experts and their theories were pooh-pooh...

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Language Of The Heart
IN OTHER WORDS Jhumpa Lahiri This review appeared in today's The Indian Express . Language is a filter through
which we view the world, and, on a trip to Florence in 1994, Jhumpa Lahiri was
captivated by a glimpse of one such view. The Italian language, she...

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Carrying A Mirror Down Istanbul's Roads
A STRANGENESS IN MY MIND Orhan Pamuk This appeared in today's The Indian Express In a scene from Orhan
Pamuk’s 2008 novel, The Museum of
Innocence , the narrator, in his Istanbul home on winter nights, hears a
boza seller ringing his bell as he passes the d...

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New Lives In A New Country
This review of Sunjeev Sahota's Booker long-listed The Year of the Runaways appeared in  today's The Indian Express . Asserting
the universality of immigrant fiction, Jhumpa Lahiri once said: “From the
beginnings of literature, poets and writers have based ...

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Colonising The Present
This review of Anuradha Roy's Sleeping on Jupiter appeared in today's Indian Express . The
past is a foreign country, L.P. Hartley famously wrote; they do things
differently there. The manner in which the past colonises the present, and the
ways in which we...

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Home And The World
This appeared in today's The Indian Express On
a December morning in 1986, the ten-year-old Rafia Zakaria’s Aunt Amina left
her husband to return to her parents’ house. This, to the young Zakaria, was
mystifying, until it was explained to her that Uncle Soh...

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Bihari Hamlets And Don Quixotes
This appeared in the March 9, 2015 issue of India Today . In
one of the stories from Siddharth Chowdhury’s new collection, The Patna Manual of Style , the narrator
settles down for a train journey, looking forward to re-reading Turgenev’s A Sportsman’s Sket...

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Speak, Memory
This review of Janice Pariat's Seahorse appeared in the current issue of India Today . Written
in a folkloric style best described by the epigraph that referenced Alejo
Carpentier’s "marvellous real", Janice Pariat’s collection of short
stories, Boats on La...
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