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I have very few clear memories of this location, I'm not sure whether that was exhaustion or overexcitement. I do remember the bike propped against the wall, in the hallway around the corner ready to ride out and the distinct lack of hats.

Residential, Belgium.


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I'm pleased to announce that I've been invited in to Photocrowd as an expert judge for the competition below. There are some fantastic entries so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries over the coming days!

Good luck everyone ❤

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Why do we no longer embark on the epic adventures in game that Ingress once compelled us to do?

All efforts are for nought, as spoofers undo them without the intervention of the very company that inspired us to explore the world. Simply, what is the point.

Whilst I will never support the 'pay to play' principle, I will always support the players who, irrelevant of faction, play with integrity.

Bring the commitment back of players, by restoring portals back to the pre-spoofed state. Inspire us with your commitment and we will commit to be continually inspired by the adventure that Ingress brings.

+Andrew Krug +John Hanke 
Dear Niantic +Andrew Krug +John Hanke 

First of all I would like to thank you for the efforts you are making against the spoofers, but they are still causing substantial harm I would like to advocate mitigation that Niantic could offer in certain cases.

I would like to suggest that in future you offer to revert the portal by restoring all aspects of the portal (portal age & ownership, resonators & mods type and ownership) on special portals (as designated by the players) after they are spoofed. I am explicitly not asking for links and fields, as we fully understand that would be a nightmare to implement.

I understand that this involves work and would cost money so I suggest that there should be a charge in the region of 50,000-100.000 CMU in the Ingress store to mark a portal as special for this treatment.

In exchange for this charge I would like to request that there is a personal response to spoofing reports on these special portals (via email, hangouts or telegram) where feedback on the quality of the spoofing report can be given, and any extra information can be provided to Niantic.

So what is a special portal ? For some it may be the 140 day old guardian 3 hours walk from a road. For others it may be an expensive, hard-to-reach lighthouse ....

A year ago today on 17 Jan 2016, after 9 agents spent over £1400 submitting, capturing and farming keys to the portal, the Smalls Lighthouse was spoofed down during a storm by @MyConscience(who was later banned). This is the story of that portal.

The Smalls Lighthouse Portal

In July 2014 The idea was mooted that it would be really handy and strategic if the Smalls lighthouse was a portal, as it is 30KM off-shore between Wales and Ireland. Fortunately there are lots of boats doing nature tourist trips many of which go close to the Smalls lighthouse.

4 August 2014 Submit trip for 2 agents £140

The weather was glorious and a long weekend was spent in Pembrokeshire submitting portals. We were lucky that the trip booked went past both the Smalls lighthouse and South Bishop lighthouse. 2 submissions for the price of one. As expected there was no mobile signal anywhere near the Smalls lighthouse.

11 March 2015: portal rejected for one agent
3 June 2015: portal live! Time to start planning a trip.

The various companies that do boat trips in the region were called up and we decided that a 4 hour trip was needed (a bit over an hour in each direction. 1 hour key farming and the rest as contingency) The price for this would be about £700. £200 was also budgeted for special comms gear. The boat companies seemed agreed that a maximum of 10 people was wise if we wanted to mess around trying to land quadcopters on the boat. The boat schedules made it likely that an early morning departure would be needed or a late finish to allow the boat to do both a morning and an afternoon trip.

The next job was to find enough agents willing to spend about £120 each and camp in the area. The list had to be prepared for multiple weekends while we awaited a decent weather window.

1 August 2015 Trip cancelled due to heavy swell
8 August strong winds offshore caused a late cancellation. A few of us made a shorter more sheltered trip to visit South Bishop lighthouse instead.

15 August One boat broken down, other boats in the area extra busy as a result, so a 4 hour charter is not possible two of us still went and had a fantastic weekend camping in stunning weather with Brandon Bear and visiting smurfs ( )

22 August Insufficient Agents available to make the trip affordable.
29 August Trip planner on holiday

Finally on the 4th September we are told that the weather forecast for Sunday was looking very good and there is a 4 hour slot available in the morning on one of the more fun boats we had been looking at.
Camp Enlightened formed during the day on Saturday ready for a BBQ on the beach and an early morning departure on Sunday. It is fair to say the whisky drinking may have gone on a little too late considering the morning departure time but a great time was had by all.

The weather on Sunday could not have been more perfect, the calm seas meant that we made better time than expected to the lighthouse despite stopping on the way to admire a school of dolphins that were playing around the boat. Getting comms went smoothly and the portal was soon burned out well ahead of schedule. Lots of beautiful keys ! And we turned around to head back.

Until this point the skipper had not demonstrated the true abilities of his boat as he did not want us getting too cold and wet. This all changed, and wow what a boat. It flies like the wind and can turn on a sixpence creating a mighty spray drenching everyone on board. After the first few turns we all had gigantic grins plastered over our faces. We had a few minutes of battery left on the quadcopter so a quick launch was called for and a video was taken of the ENL jet-boat adventure.

This is not supposed to be the end of the story. The story was supposed to cover the smurf take down and the heroic enlightened recapture. However, sadly just 4 months later, the portal was spoofed down, and no-one has visited since.

Everyone that used to do the epic trips to challenging portals, or very challenging fields seems to be totally demoralised by the spoofing. There is a strong feeling of “what is the point it will just be spoofed down” whenever suggestions are made about planning a trip to capture some challenging portals. Had the portal been legitimately taken down then I am sure that there would have been dozens of players on each side queueing up for trips as that would be the game at its very best. I think the promise of portals being restored after spoofing would motivate more visits to such amazing places.

The rough mission cost (excluding Whisky !):
Submission £140
Boat £700
Data £200
Camping £130
Travel £230

Total £1400

Thanks to Richard Woodward for editing the raw footage for this video of the boat

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This is more than a swag post

Well maybe it is and maybe it isn't... this is representative of why Ingress became more than a game. This collection is, as others are, the memento of our experiences together. These gifts, that arrive often without notes, are the step over into reality and a symbol of something amazing.

Only those in the dunes and running by the sea will understand the relevance of the BiFi, good times and much love.

Nutgress... well it needs no explanation but from the Nutella masses, many friendships have been formed, you all rock!

The squirrel coin, I have no words but I am humbled!

Team Bouncing, please never stop bouncing!

Birmingham, I have so much pride for those who pushed so hard and learnt so much along the way.

Cologne, seriously, so so much fun from start to finish, I expected nothing less.

Brooklyn, I love you guys, this coin is so much more than swag, this is my constant reminder that I need to come and see you.

We are Resistance 💙

+udi taren +Judith WWhitetiger +Hunter Pine +Dean The Giant +The Black Dot +Vicki Ellen +Lord OfDark

I know I've missed people, please tag in comments 💙

#dscc #squirrelarmy #nutgress #dippingate 

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Save Happisburgh

I'm writing this post and I don't even know where to begin but I can tell you that I am determined to not let this beautiful village be abandoned by the government.

I live in Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast in the UK and the coastal erosion rate is high and it's incredibly sad to see the ongoing lack of investment due to the 'risk' we won't be here in maybe 40 years time.

We have been promised time and time again that something will be done, only to be let down by those making the promises.

Today, I am not asking for much. Today I am asking for your support to push this for debate in parliament and all I need is for support on this petition

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Dear +John Hanke

It's time.

Talk to us, we know this is a problem that you are unable to solve alone.

Does +Niantic understand how much support is available from the players?

Do you understand how much this issue impacts on the user experience of +Ingress?

We are here, we want to help.
Improving how spoofing is handled at anomalies - An open letter to NIA OPS from Ingress players:

TL;DR: Niantic’s anti-spoofer support during #ViaLux 1 was insufficient to prevent cheaters affecting the outcome of anomalies, and improvements are required.

Many players were pleased to discover that fielding operations would form a part of the #ViaLux anomaly series via “Special Field Operations“. For many, fielding is the ultimate thrill in this exciting game, and it requires commitment, skill and tenacity to succeed. Sadly in several cases, agent actions at SFO and anomaly sites were thwarted by cheaters. Unfortunately, despite Niantic’s efforts, the spoofer epidemic is far from solved. There is a need to review how Niantic handles these issues in order to maintain an honest and competitive game.

The prevalence of spoofing is having a severely negative effect on community engagement. Agents from both factions, in each and every region of the world, no longer wish to participate in Ingress related events (either officially sponsored or player-run). The evidence of this is in the attendance numbers for Via Lux which both Factions acknowledge is lower than the previous Anomalies held in 2016. Why should we continue to play only to have our efforts countered by invisible players? Morale is lowered as players feel there is no benefit to taking actions in the game. This isn’t a new problem, this is a problem that has existed since 2012. Yet even the most basic ways of mitigating these actions, especially during an Anomaly, by rolling back spoofer actions has not been implemented in recent years.

Niantic, you have stated numerous times that this behavior is in violation of the Ingress Terms of Service and in violation of the spirit of the game. We, the players, ask that you devote additional effort and resources necessary to urgently put an end to the practice of spoofing. Your inability to make a perceived dent in the problem gives the impression that spoofing/cheating isn’t a priority for you. Your inaction or the perception of inaction coming from you also increases cross faction tensions as issues remain unresolved. To make matters worse, your customer service is abysmal. Your company is dependant on its customers, the players, for a source of revenue. Yet support tickets go unanswered or closed as soon as they’re opened. No other customer oriented company operates this way, except maybe Google. You are no longer part of Google. As a business which now has paying customers, we hold you to higher standards of support and responsiveness.

Our communication with Niantic during the first weekend in #ViaLux

As usual, POC nominated Intel operators from each site to join a channel where their concerns could be escalated to Niantic Ops via intermediary community managers. Unfortunately for many, this link was not direct or effective enough and spoofers affected anomaly fielding at anomaly sites and special field op locations. Several of these spoofers are still not banned despite multiple reports by both factions. NIA OPS reported that there was nothing unusual about the accounts. In Venezuela, field space was totally controlled by spoofers and RES and ENL agents said they will no longer be spending money travelling only to have their efforts thwarted by cheaters.

Names that had been reported weeks and months before the Anomaly as being spoofers directly affected the Anomalies through spoofing. There is a need for a more proactive approach to controlling spoofing during anomalies, to preserve the validity of site scoring. Our agents want to help and work together with Niantic to improve this issue.

We ask Niantic to improve their responsiveness to reports of spoofing during anomalies as follows:

Fast track status for designated intel operators (one per faction per site or city) for a week before the anomaly
Consider allowing factions to share plans securely in advance so Niantic is prepared for spoof field take down attempts
Pre-arranged responsive cover from NIA OPS for 48 hours before the anomaly and through the anomaly weekend to close of the last event
Review of pending tickets affecting the anomaly zone and surroundings
Niantic improve spoofer detection, or consider softbanning suspect agents during anomaly windows where there is overwhelming cross faction support to do so
Reverse the actions of cheats and spoofs of major impact that happen before and during the anomaly[-related] period, particularly in the scoring

+NIA Ops
+Niantic Project
+John Hanke
+Andrew Krug
+Pooja Srinivas
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Matilde Tusberti

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The 'Way Overdue' Swag Post

Thank you so so much to everyone who sends me awesomeness in the post... I get so super excited when I receive an unexpected envelope!

I hope I get everyone listed... if you're missing, please mention in comments ❤️

We are Resistance 💙

+Vicki Ellen +Iris Garcia +Iris Garcia +Vincent R. +El Padre +Carol Tinker +Chris Brads +Judith WWhitetiger


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'More than just swag' swag post

Sometimes this game brings more than a team together, friendships are forged and transcend all else.

+Alexander Becker this game would not be the same without you, I give you unlimited armpits in return 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 ! +Kelley Becker you bring me so much inspiration, love you so much ! It's a privilege to know you both #teambecker ❤️

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Double wow!

Awesome swag, carrot cake and more awesomeness.

+Heather Combe you are amazing, we need to see each other more often! Thank you so much!

+Matt Cuzner Dude... your writing! Thank you!

Thank you London 💙
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