Operation #Lighthouse UK Sitrep
1st December 2013 - 3pm 

#Lighthouse   comprised of a nationally coordinated plan to encircle the UK, linking lighthouses. Resistance agents positioned themselves along the coast, and within minutes connections shot up from #lighthouse  to #lighthouse   encompassing the UK in blue links. Dutch agents joined the operation to include bonus mackerel fields, also using a #lighthouse  on their coast.   

Not to be confused with the recent Enlightened effort of similar moniker which was six months in the planning, this operation was planned in just over a week, executed in fifteen minutes, and was wholly successful.


After the successful handling of Shard #2 by the UK/NL/BE/FR/ES/PT Resistance, and the very successful #Unight8   #U8UK  Resistance global operation, my thoughts turned to other plans for Resistance success. Looking through the window to the lovely striped #lighthouse   that played a small part in both operations, a small idea fruited. I thought for a few days. In the meantime the Enlightened had shared their #lighthouse   efforts which clearly hadn’t been as successful as they had planned. I dropped +John Duffey  a Hangout, outlined my idea to link the coast using lighthouses. I believe the conversation stopped at “I’ll be in touch”.

What followed next was the most amazing coordination of agents across the UK. A small group started planning in a Hangout, a date was set. All the agents involved in this op worked together seamlessly. What should have felt very complex became simple with the excellent team we had.  It was only possible to achieve success in such a short space of time, given the amazing abilities of the Resistance to organise and execute such an operation with precision.

Massive thanks and congratulations to all, with special thanks to +David Baker and my Norfolk team +Vicki Ellen , +Helen Miles , +Anthony Miles , +Lisa St. John and Suffolk Agent +Alan Lee Dunce 

Agent @Shires
UK Resistance.

Lighthouses and agents involved:

Dunnet Head #Lighthouse   - Captured on the late afternoon of Tuesday, 26th November by Agent @DiamondDuke. Fully deployed and loaded with a Rare Multi-Hack and Rare Heat Sink. This was then farmed for keys - to yield only 5. Two keys were passed to Agents @AnandaUK and @Chandy in Carlisle on Friday 29th November. Another was passed to local Fraserburgh Agent @WackyAlex for use at Kinnaird Head Old.  

Kinnaird Head Old #Lighthouse  - Held by local Resistance agents, and Jarvis’d on the day to protect it from being flipped again by the Enlightened. Recaptured by local Resistance Agent @Grizzly81, levelled up by Agents @DiamondDuke, @WackyAlex and @Grizzly81. This portal was loaded with three Rare Link Amps and linked to Dunnet Head (134km), Bamburgh (231km) & Vuurtoren Zudpier (714km). Vuurtoren Zudpier keys supplied by Agent @quaint and acquired in Carlisle on Friday 29th November). A Control Field was created over the North Sea, prompting the speedy response by Enlightened Agent @Sproglet who drove to Fraserburgh and took down the portal 30 minutes later, despite valiant efforts by local Resistance Agents @WackyAlex and @Grizzly81 to defend it. Blocking links cleared by Agents @clayy, @Grizzly81, @Cypherion, @JohnRiddell, and @auntyanne. 

Bamburgh #Lighthouse  - Levelled up by Agents @JohnRiddel and @quaint, linked to Fraserburgh, St Mary’s and Vuurtoren Zudpier.

St Mary’s #Lighthouse   - Recaptured by Agent @milikel and linked to Tynemouth, as well as link clearing. Agent @pci transferred keys, removed blocking links and provided Intel, as well as @n31ne who cleared links and fields north of Newcastle.

Tynemouth #Lighthouse   - Resistance owned, keys widely distributed in surrounding areas.

Souter #Lighthouse  - Agent @F4RNO linked to Tynemouth and Vuurtoren Zudpier.

Heugh #Lighthouse  -@Zapster linked to Hartlepool, Souter and Vuurtoren Zudpier (135940 MU).

Whitby #Lighthouse  -  Agent @mark675 linked to Hartlepool and Vuurtoren Zudpier, whilst clearing Whitby of enlightened portals.

Flamborough Head #Lighthouse  - Agent @flygirl1 linked to Whitby and Vuurtoren Zudpier. Keys for Flamborough Head also distributed to Happisburgh via Agents @flygirl to @Bakeri666(and his 2 year old son) to @rb1 to @mimtwin to @Grimthorpe to @Shires. 

Happisburgh #Lighthouse  - Agents @Shires and @sophos9, linked to Flamborough Head, Lowestoft and Vuurtoren Zudpier. Blocking links cleared by @Aitch, @Tattooinehut and @Grimthorpe.(180000 MU). Intel provided by Agent @mimtwin.

Lowestoft #Lighthouse  - Agent @Bazinga848 cleared blocking links and distributed keys to @Aitch to deliver to @Shires and @CharMelsBells, who then delivered to @Korzhak.

North Foreland #Lighthouse   - Captured by @HotDarkMatter, upgraded and linked by @Korzhak to Lowestoft and South Foreland after some emergency link clearing by @HotDarkMatter. So clandestine was the operation that they were his own links he was pulling down from a few days previously! 

South Foreland #Lighthouse  - Following the relative ease with which the lighthouse at Dungeness had given up its keys a couple of days earlier, South Foreland required a little more creative thinking. It turns out that this lighthouse isn't ordinarily open to the public on a Friday afternoon, let alone one as bitterly cold and windy as this. Nonetheless, some smooth talking by @Darksniper83 meant that after a few hacks and some very numb fingers the portal was claimed and the keys were harvested. 

Dungeness #Lighthouse  - After a less than verbose message from @Korzhak on a need-to-know basis,@Darksniper83 found himself sat asking the question "Which lighthouse?!" as there are actually two at Dungeness. Only one answer - both, obviously! With the first farmed for a dozen keys, the second was quickly turned from a beacon of green to blue and then links and fields established from which to keep the local greens occupied for the rest of the week. Keys were passed via @CharMelsBells on Nov 30, destined for Belle Tout. On Sunday, clearing the remaining fields and linking to South Foreland was a mere formality for @Darksniper83.

Belle Tout #Lighthouse  - Agents @Gelf and @Messara, linked to Dungeness and kept clear from blocking links. 

Littlehampton #Lighthouse  - Agent @Oliverisss cleared blocking links in Littlehampton and linked to Belle Tout. Agent @hails35 linked to Littlehampton from the #Lighthouse  at Southsea Castle. Agent @Bogwitch cleared blocking links in Selsey and linked to both #Lighthouses (35437 MUs).

Southsea Castle #Lighthouse  - Captured by Agents @hails35 and @ll182 and linked to Littlehampton with keys supplied by Agents @Tantalum and @Liroy. Hurst Point and Southsea Castle were linked via Lepe Country Park and St Andrews Church to make two fields (29484 MUs). The keys for this were supplied by Agents @Phodder and @Basirk. Agents @Lostintheforest and @Hexagonalpatch captured Lepe Country Park and linked to St Andrews Church. Agent @olbabmai cleared blocking links in Gosport.

Hurst Point #Lighthouse  - Captured by Agent @Rackit, who linked to Portland Bill with keys supplied by Agent @ahpook.

Portland Bill #Lighthouse   - Captured by Agents @Woodybaz and @RedNarcissus, linked to Lizard. Agent @Woodybaz distributed keys to Agent @Trouseredeagle. 

Lizard #Lighthouse  - Captured by Agent @Woodybaz.

Breakwater #Lighthouse  - Levelled up with 2 link amps by Agent @ZenithUK and linked to Lizard, Leasowe and Maryport. A field was created with just over 80k MU.  Agent @virtek provided key distribution and link clearance and Agent @NorthernLoop supplied keys for Lizard.

Leasowe #Lighthouse  - Agent @Scarabanza linked to Maryport.

Maryport #Lighthouse  - Agent @MrBarraclough, after clearing blocking links in Keswick, Oxenholme and Carlisle, arrived at Maryport to complete remaining links.

Cloch #Lighthouse  - Resistance owned, levelled up by agents @AnandaUK and @Chandy on Nov 23 and manned by Agent @Roach2010 during the op.

Ardnamurchan #Lighthouse  - Captured by agent @AnandaUK, linked to Cloch and Dunnet Head. A field was created by linking these to a portal in Fort William netting  8097MU (not a lot but N. Scotland isn't highly populated).

Z4 (Memorial next to Portpatrick #Lighthouse ) - Owned by agent @northernloop and levelled up on the day by Agents @l00bs, @weeafcon and @jayno. Agents @Chandy and @MrBarraclough handed over keys to Maryport and Cloch in Carlisle on Nov 29. Links were made to Maryport and Cloch, approx 64K MU. Agent @jayno provided standby for blocking links and Agent @weeafcon provided Intel.

Vuurtoren Zudpier - Originally captured by Agent @Zorglubxx and upgraded by Agent @ElAwrence who was on standby to defend. Agent @Cursan also on standby in Den Helder.

Irish Agent @Irishstu also made a field from Wexford joining to Holyhead #Lighthouse   and Lizard #Lighthouse

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