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I was actually quite shocked when my friend, Gloria, showed me the number of new prospects, team members and customers she was able to find on LinkedIn!

I had always wondered if I should be using LinkedIn to grow my business. Turns out, the answer was YES.

Gloria attracted 1092 highly interested prospects...
Generated 45 new sign ups...
And 6-Figure growth in just 2 months...
All using a FREE strategy with LinkedIn!

And, it turns out... the HIGHEST quality entrepreneur minded prospects can be found on LinkedIn!

I was blow away and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't start sooner.

She showed me a completely FREE strategy which works like gangbusters!

Check it out below!
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Imagine being a fly on the wall of a top earner in your company. What do you think you'd see them doing? Hear them saying?

I used to wonder about that all the time! Then one day I realized what I'd see and hear which I talk about in the blog post below.

I wondered (and still wonder) why most top earners aren't sharing this method of growing their business.

Well, I'm sharing! Click to learn more...
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Does your upline frown upon using online strategies to build your business?

Well, what if I showed you how building online includes the PERFECT strategy for building your network marketing team AND includes some traditional principles?

I’m serious! Even if you want to build your business online, you can actually STILL follow your upline mentors advice… but apply it in a “new school” way so it actually works and not painful.

Imagine taking all the things you really don’t like or even hate about offline network marketing…

*making a list of 100
*talking to friends & family
*3 foot rule
*the follow up, etc.

...and actually make these things enjoyable and effective!

Well, that’s exactly the epiphany I had after reading a post very much like this one. I found these ideas along with some info which walked me through the process of building my business online.

And I haven’t looked back…no matter how much my upline didn’t like it.
You can check out the article below and comment “more info”, so I can send you some info on what I’m doing.

It’s pretty great. Enjoy!

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Using these 4 methods when engaging a prospect will increase your ability to close, your sales and drive up your business.

Want to learn more? Comment "more info" below and I'll send you the goods.
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How are our journey's similar or different? Would love to hear from you below!
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What are three things network marketing business owners should know? How would you answer that question? Comment on the blog with your answer. Check out my new blog post to hear how I answered it.
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Struggling to grow your business? Feeling really down and out about it? I understand. I’ve been there.

Prospecting and selling can make you feel like you’re standing out in the rain getting pummeled with rejection.
It’s hard. It’s really hard.

What if I could show you a way to massively grow your business while experiencing very little (or even NO) rejection?

If I’ve got your attention, read more below – or simply comment “more info” and I’ll be in touch!
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For a long time I was using all the wrong prospecting methods on social media trying to get someone to join me in business....

I sent messages to strangers, I posted in groups, I friended people I didn't know. I begged. I pleaded.

Trust me, I tried it all.

After a lot of struggles, I started searching for a better way.
And I found it - I found the RIGHT way to use social media.

I now have people reaching out to me looking for more information - and, guys, it's not nearly as time consuming.

I learned how to attract people to me using the strategies outlined below.

And now I can do all of my prospecting online instead of prospecting every single woman in this picture (Moms Club). Whew! What a relief!

You can too – comment below “more info” and I’ll show you how!
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