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My sis-in-law doing her yoyo thang.

Man, I don't know what's going on, but just today I've had to delete at least 20 spam comments from my posts. I've never had a problem with spam before.

Luckily G+ is catching them a preventing them from being displayed, and leaving them for me to deal with.

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Lay's potato chips in seaweed flavor, grilled squid flavor, and good old American classic flavor, which were just plain as far as I could tell.
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At home, I have to take an omeprozole (generic Prilosec) tablet two or three times a week to settle my stomach. Without it I start having trouble with acid reflux and whatnot. Whenever my stomach starts to feel a little sour, I take one. That will hold me for a few days until I need another one.

I realized yesterday that since I've been in China, I haven't needed any at all. My stomach feels just fine. At that point I'd been here a week. That probably says a lot about my diet in the States.

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Pictures from the last several days about getting something to eat. Most are from a couple of dinners with family, and a few are from a street full of food vendors.
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Saw this electric vehicle charging station last night. In fact, there were a whole row of about 12 of these at that location, and most were occupied by rental cars. They could be rented much like the bikes I'll post about later, which surprised me. Basically scan a bar code with your phone, hop in, and drive away.

So here I am, happily surfing along with my VPN connection, (Which works much better on my laptop than it does on my phone for some reason), and my sis-in-law starts to turn on the TV for me and switch it to an English-language station.

I wasn't interested in watching TV at the moment, so I told her that she doesn't have to do that because I am on the internet. She came over and looked at my screen and said "Is that American internet?" When I said that it was, in fact, "American" internet, she said "Oh." and left to continue with her house cleaning.

My wife has often said that with how locked down the internet is here, it's almost as if people here are using an intranet. While that's not strictly true because Chinese people can really go to most non-Chinese web sites despite the many that are blocked by the GFW, they just don't. For one thing, most can't speak or read other languages well enough to use them, and, to be honest, they really don't need to. Everything they need is taken care of by domestic web sites. Online shopping, banking, "news" (In quotes, because, well, you know...), entertainment... almost everything. I'll write more about some small parts of what can be done here on the internet because those are the only things I know and understand, but I get the feeling there is much, much more they use the internet for on a daily basis.

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Aftermath of dinner at the Yang household, Wuhan, China.

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The air pollution in Wuhan, as seen from the north side of town near the airport.

Beds in China are typically pretty firm. The one I've been sleeping on since I've been here is nothing more than a futon mattress on a sheet of plywood, and the whole thing raised to normal bed level.

I'll tell you what, I can't remember the last time I've slept so good. I'm seriously considering doing something like this for my bed at home.
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