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This website is nothing but two-dozen adventure ideas for LoFP.
17th century witch who masterminded a poisoning campaign against the king of France? Check.
Serial Killer who could turn invisible and killed over 540 people? Got 'em.
Ex-Slave Pirate who ate the hearts of his enemies?

Solid fuckin' gold.

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I've never seen a lot of these. 
The Pacific Northwest native armor is pretty awesome.

I was out at Deception's Pass a few weeks ago talking with a friend of mine about the explorers coming to the Pacific Northwest for the first time with no map, no plan, no idea who was going to be there. Imagine the intimidation factor of hitting a line of totem poles along a beach with these fuck off big scary faces on them. There's no better way to say "do not mess with our land" than a totem pole. Now we see them as kind of quaint heritage monuments, and not the territorial markings they were. 

Man, what is it with Libertarians and climate change denial? Does it upset their notion of perfect economic equilibrium or something? Or does misreading Adam Smith extend to scientific literature too?

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Oh, Social Psychology.  It's cute that you try.

Cavalachia (Part of my Ravenlofting the US project)

The Land
Cavalachia is a densely forested, mountainous region of the Western Core. Stretching for two-hundred miles north to south, the Cavalachian Mountains mark the border between the civilized East and the wild West. Politically, the realm of Cavalachia is split into three states, but a single Darklord rules over the entire region.
The three States are Asalia, New Borca, and Aubrek, dividing the mountain range roughly into thirds. However, municipal interference is almost unheard of in Cavalachia.
Cavalachia is split down the middle by the Okigahona river, which runs into heavy rapids through the Okigahona valley. The river is shallow but fast moving, and can change temperament suddenly due to rains or snow storms.
The mountians of Cavalachia do not look imposing to the outsider, being neither very tall nor especially rugged. However, the thick, almost impenetrable forests that cling to those mountains make travel a lengthy and dangerous affair.
The danger of the Cavalachians is only matched by their unspoilt beauty. During the summer, thunderstorms will appear out of nowhere and turn the noonday sky indigo, and during the fall the entire realm becomes cloaked in shades of bronze and gold as the leaves turn. Winters are merciless, with a dozen inches of snowfall on any given day.
Despite the harshness of the seasons, Cavalachia is dotted with hundreds of tiny, independent villages. These towns are usually only used during the weekends, when the locals gather to trade their furs and game. 
The largest settlement in Cavalachia is the Transom Brothers Logging Camp. Situated in the Okigahona Valley, the Transom Brothers Logging Camp is owned and operated by the Transom Brothers, a pair of Aberline carpetbaggers who ignore the numerous deaths and maimings that their logging operations cause. The Camp, as the locals call it, lures in desperate locals with promises of a steady paycheck, then throws them into bonded servitude when they can’t pay off their loans.
There are a thousand haunted places in Cavalachia. Every valley holds its forgotten graveyard, every peak has a ramshackle hut that nobody has the guts to stay in. Getting the locals to inform you of the known ‘haints’ can mean the difference between survival and becoming a cautionary tale.

Mad Idea for Ravenloft update: Including analogs of 1800's United States in the domains.
 A misty, mountainous stretch where two families have been feuding for as long as anyone can remember. Each night the folks killed wake up, traumatized by their deaths, hungry for revenge.  
Hooks- Romeo And Juliet must Die: the characters arrive at a small town in Cavalachia where the two families have worked out a fragile peace through the marriage of two unhappy youths. When raiders descend on the wedding, it's up to the characters to find out who is to blame before the town descends back into the feud.

Hey all, this is something of a shot in the dark, but where do all the aspiring comic artists hang their online hats these days? Back when The Engine was around, it was both fun and easy to find incredibly talented people. These days it seems like there isn't any major gathering hubs.  

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I'm working on a comic again.  The Depths is about a group of adventurers who eke by in a company town that's popped up around the entrance to The Depths. Think Deadwood meets Dungeons and Dragons, with a heap of debt politics thrown in.
This here is Cutter Hackett, a fella who manages to stay a half step ahead of debtors prison. When a shady loan comes calling, Cutter has to go deeper into the Depths than he ever wanted. If he's lucky, he'll get out. If he's really lucky, he'll get enough loot to cover his vig.
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