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Awesome show on the security camera setup. My on question for the community is routing power out to the cameras. If they're PoE, that's self explanatory put the cameras listed require a separate power source. Or is there a PoE version?
Thanks all... 

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Then with my Pixel XL

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Requesting some assistance:
If I were to create a YouTube channel with training videos in it, using public computers in a classroom environment (lets say a dozen or so) to watch the videos, by multiple people, multiple times a day, how could I get an accurate view count, seeing that YouTube looks at views per IP address and not just individual views?

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Loved the episode on FreeNAS, I've been using that distro for years. I actually prefer it to OpenFiler for use as an iSCSI SAN used for my VMware lab. The only thing that I might add, is that those WD-Red drives that were recommended on your show, aren't very reliable. Check out all the negative reviews on them over at As much as I like the intent of the those drives, I wouldn't use them in my personal server.

Here is where I found some additional information that I think many of you will find interesting.

Just sharing what I know....

My wife is going on vacation with her Verizon iPhone 5 to St. Thomas next week. What do I need to do/install to her phone to ensure we don't get a big surprise on next months phone bill. The resort where she'll be staying at has free WiFi, so Skype there. Any other suggestions? Thanks!!! 

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Look what happened to my new Twit mugs.... :-(
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