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Shawonna leak
Love simplicity, peace, and a happy relaxed lifestyle.
Love simplicity, peace, and a happy relaxed lifestyle.

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Acting on feelings is extremely dangerous. If or when we do things according to what we "feel like", doing most times you'll get in trouble. Following our feelings can lead to broken relationships, prison. depression, and even so far worse. So the question is what can be used to filter out any thought or feelings that will lead us to problems? God's word says we don't have the ability to know what is right without His direction , we need His guidance , His word. Romans 8:6, lets us know the consequences both right and wrong. 

Do not let your race define your actions but do allow the standards of God define them. Lets embrace the individual  uniqueness's of the races so that we can manifest all that god have in mind when he created the races.
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