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Announcing Auto Collections.
If you use TheMovieDb as your movie scraper, you can now have YAMJ automatically create sets that your movies belong to based on the Collections on
The poster and fanart for the collection will also automatically by downloaded and used.

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Site should be back up and going, please report any issues on our forums (

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We have released v2.9 official version today.
This is a stable release suitable for any system.
If you are not running the latest snapshot versions, please consider upgrading to this version.

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Here's a sneak peek of a new full index (browse your whole collection) skin.
It doesn't have detail pages (yet), but its a start. 
You can download the skin from:

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Jonny555 from the NMT forum has done an update to the index page.
What do you think? Better? 

Has anyone tried the new web interface?
I'd like to know if it works for you, just to make sure that it works :)

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Here's a preview of the new web interface for YAMJ.
Currently limited to System Information and Configuration entries, but you can edit those without having to go into the database.

What do you think?
YAMJv3 Web
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A set of sample java script / HTML pages has been written and uploaded to

If you are knowledgeable about java script and want to have a go at improving them, it would be very much appreciated! 

Server for media player site is up and running again.
Thanks for your patience. 
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