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Elizabeth Rose
Dream. Seek. Love.
Dream. Seek. Love.

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Latest Blog Post - 5 Ways To Meet Mr Right 

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{Latest Blog Post}

Dating In My Twenties (and what you can learn from me!)

'Ah, dating. I remember those roller-coaster days of highs & lows only too well. To be honest, I didn’t always enjoy dating, and looking back now (hellooo hindsight!), I wish I’d been more relaxed about it.
Don’t get me wrong, I definitely had many memorable dates and experiences in my twenties, but my biggest problem for many years, was comparison. Let me explain…'

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I love this time of year. Not only for the obvious change in weather, but because Spring symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start, a season to blossom and grow, and the perfect time to clean your house – both in the literal sense and the house inside your body. In part 1 of this series, I will share with you how I intend to 'spring clean' my body.
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