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e-Business Consulting | Website Designing | Website Development | SEO | Social Media Marketing | B2B Direct

We Are M/S e-Business Experts International, Online Since 1997, we are the team of experts work from USA, Canada, Pakistan, U.K, and Saudi Arab, and we officially launch our company on October 2004 after understanding of Top to Bottom.

We Are Very Professional In e-Business Consulting, Online Marketing, Advertising, Web Marketing, Website Designing and Developments, Writing Contents And Articles, E-Commerce Website Solutions, Portals and Web 2.0 Solutions, “SEO” Search Engine Optimization, SEO Marketing,“SMO” Social Media Optimizations, Social Media Marketing And B2B Analyzation.

Engage with Some Local Organization, Local Government’s Departments, Chambers Of Commerce, Business Associations, Canadian, U.K and American Firms for Back end and Freelance Supports.

Our Some Key Expertise:
  • Expert In Finding Perfect Or Targeted Niche.
  • Expert In Searching And Making Causes.
  • Expert In Making New Ideas That Really Works “Based On Ground Reality”.
  • Small And Micro Niche Market Analyzations.
  • Why And How Web Traffic Comes From. “Eyes On Me
  • Analyzations Between Web Traffic And Conversion Rate.
  • Web Searches And Social Media Base Analyzations More Then Google
  • Implementing And Managing Updated Long-Term E-Business Strategies.
  • Joint Ventures “A Partner Solution”.
  • We Love Competitors
Why Choose e-Business Experts International?

One Point of Contact

Sometimes projects are more complicated than they have to be. Your time is valuable and you don’t want to deal with multiple vendors. Because of our Complete Solution, you get fully integrated service, all provided by one vendor, one point of contact. With E-Business Experts International, you only need to know one phone number—ours.

Faster Delivery

How fast can a project be completed? This question is often not factored in by clients. Many firms may take weeks or months to complete a project, even the simplest ones. At E-Business Experts International, we use a project management style called Rapid Development Methodology (RDM). With RDM we use a dedicated development team to finish a project weeks or months ahead of other firms, which allows us to deliver more value in a shorter amount of time, which means you’ll be earning a return on investment, sooner.

Future Growth – Scalability

At E-Business Experts International we design websites in a modular fashion. This means that your website can grow and expand with you, even if your future needs aren’t fully clear. So the investment that you make now, will keep producing returns long in to the future.


We have our own dedicated hosting and marketing servers in united kingdom, USA, China and Malaysia, we are stand upon our biggest 25000 gb database containing latest Softwares, Guides, Videos, Scripts, Graphic, Templates tutorials worth 1000s of dollar$, Memberships Of Over 40 Template Selling Websites. “DON’T TRY TO BEAT US”

No Hidden Costs

There a variety of firms out there that will offer a low bid on a project and then make it up with additional hourly charges. So you really don’t know when the project will be delivered or how much it will really cost.

With E-Business Experts International we take all the mystery and risk out of the project for you. We reduce your risk by making all of the variables known. We provide a fixed time, fixed price, fixed scope project. This way you know what you’re buying, how much it’ll cost and when it will be delivered.

You never need to worry about a cost overrun with E-Business Experts International.

Proposed Approach

Project Management

Once Your Payment Has Cleared, We will begin the development process by working with you to properly plan the site in our proprietary SPA (Strategy, Planning and Analysis) session. This process includes a finalized version of the website map, information architecture, website schematics, and a website design specification.

Once prepared, all documentation will be submitted for your approval. This process allows us to develop a site specification that ensures that your vision will be realized.

Upon approval of all specification related documents, the project will move into the development phase. Remember, at every major step in the process, you will be involved and have authorization rights. This keeps us on the same page and ensures that your vision will be realized.

Throughout this whole process, the Project Manager will be watching the budget, timeline and resources allocated to your project. This will ensure a timely delivery and no cost overruns.

Secure Project Website

We will provide you a convenient location, where you can download your project related documents and see all of your design concepts as they are being developed.

Website Design

Once you approve the site specification, the E-Business Experts International design team will begin developing multiple website design mocks. The mocks will represent concepts for the look and feel of your website as well as a navigation schema.

Once a direction is chosen, we will refine that design and begin crafting the sub-page concept.

We then present both to you for approval. Once authorized, the template will be used to develop all pages within the site.

Website Development

After the design concepts have been approved, we can begin building the complete website.

Quality Assurance

In this phase the unified site, the product as a whole, is fully tested and refined if necessary.

Once the site passes our Quality Assurance Test, it is ready for installation and configuration on the production server, which is where the site will be hosted.

On the production server, we go through another round of tests and after it passes, and with your approval, we ‘go live’.

The Bottom Line

With E-Business Experts International you get the reliability of a large organization with the culture, speed and personalized service of a small firm. You get one point of contact. You get a fixed-price, fixed- time project. You get a site that can grow with you in the future. You get better results, faster.

Finally, we have a commitment to excellence and your website will reflect that.

Thank You

Umair ul haq Usmani

e-Business Consultant, B2B Expert, SEO, SMO, Web Designer + Web Marketer

Specializes in helping businesses build a meaningful online presence, When not marketing a business, he enjoys..

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