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[US and Canada Google Play]

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $2.50)
Planimeter - GPS area measure. All kinds of measurements on Google Maps with tracking feature

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $4.00)
SolarMeter - GPS solar measure. Allows you to calculate and estimate solar power and energy output of a solar cell panel at specific location.

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $2.00).
LaserDistanceMeter is a camera distance measure tool for quick estimation of distances and length, with image processing for one click measurements.

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $3.00).
Partometer - camera measure.  Camera tool for size, angles, area, circle measurements that can be used as a ruler or tape measure.

SALE: NOW $0.99 (Reg. $2.50).
Partometer3D - camera measure.  Camera tool for size, angles, area, measurements in any defined plane in 3D.
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