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Day 8: #25DaysOfGiveaways - Win a Fitbit Zip!
Tell us you what do you do to stay healthy and win! Day 8 of our #25DaysOfGiveaways we’re giving away a Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker! I've reviewed this quarter-sized doohickey plus app
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I have converted my desk at work to a standing desk. This helps keep my energy levels up so I can hit the gym.
I have a laptop mount on my treadmill. I can work and workout together.
I'm riding my bicycle, all winter long in the frigid North. 
Take my dogs for walks and par

I take my dogs for long walks. 
I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and bike to work every day. And I'm waiting for my standing desk to arrive at work.
From being a yoga practitioner, I took a teacher's training course and I now teach yoga pro-bono 3 times a week! 
I bike commute whenever possible, often 100 miles a week. 
I walk my 3 dogs....ALOT. Plus gym 4 days a week minimum.
I use Noom to help me keep track of my workouts in the gym, the number of steps I take when I walk to and from work, and my food intake to make sure I hit my goals without overdoing them. I also use a sleep monitoring app to help me get better rest.
Other things I do is watch my fitness videos on my phone and follow the stretching instructions given by another app. I even record my resting and active heart rates using my phone's camera.
I use recipe apps to find healthy meals and have regular medical checkups and physical exams to see what I can improve or maintain. The HIIT training I do is also guided by apps. 
I've been running a couple of miles, two or three times a week.  I hate, hate, hate cold, though, so that'll probably not happen for at least a couple of months now.
I try to take the stairs between floors instead of the elevator, and walk to the store whenever I can. It's not much, but it's my subtle steps. I've been walking a couple of miles each day when weather permits, but here it went from burning heat to ice cold VERY suddenly, and that's put me off.
walk  7-8 hours  (with short runs and 3-4 times upstairs) at work,sleep 8 hours ,and in the meantime...
I walk and move 8 inch blocks at work every day and eat healthy.
untill a year and a half ago i was very fat!!!!  couldnt sleep, coldnt run, always tired, heartburn all day!!!  and then i chose my way!!! started to eat good, started running!!! lost 120 pounds (about 40 kg) in my weight!!!
today i am 90 kg with 15% body fat!!!  amazing my self  everyday!!!!
i wish i would win so it will help me keep going and be healthy!!!
Every morning before work I'm doing series of exercises for 15 m and when the weather allows I'm running. This is my Only free time of the day, and i use it for the best, to stay healthy, cause we depend on it!
This time of year I go to the gym 3 times week & use the treadmill or the stationary bikes.
I'd go jogging in the cold with this
Walking to work EVERY DAY all winter! 
I cardio + strength train 5 days a week! (Usually) rain or shine!
Make sure I get all my vitamins in. Eat healthy and an currently doing insanity! 
I walk whenever I can and have a company sponsored app on my phone to track my distance
I play football twice a week and have 2 little boys who are constantly on the go who make sure that I have no time to be sitting around.
Fist I would live like I'm doing right now. Than I would use the fitbit to see how I'm doing.. If it's bad I will change my life style to live healty
I go walk 6km, 3 times a week.
I mountain bike and rock climb to stay healthy. Mountain biking gets my cardio work in, and rock climbing is great for building lean muscle and core strength.
Time to start taking some spin classes though.
I use LoseIt, Fitocracy, Nexercise, C25K, and Zombies, RUN! to track my fitness. A FitBit would be AWESOME to help. I also converted my desk at work to a standing desk.
I run 5k during the summers, I walk 5k per day, and I cross-country ski during the winters.
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