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Kelsey Cook (GeekishlyApropos)
I love God, I love geekery, and I love the Doctor.
I love God, I love geekery, and I love the Doctor.

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Goodbyes and Introductions
The husband and I are launching a new thing tomorrow. With this launch, I say goodbye to GeekishlyApropos. Well, not the screen name. Just the blog. I will indefinitely be GeekishlyApropos. Until the potential day that som...

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5 Friday: Things I Love That They're Things
1. You Are Here by Jenny Lawson Who knew the Bloggess would turn out to be an amazing artist. She created a coloring book from her therapy "doodles" that's releasing in March, currently on pre-order. Me: I'm trying to draw here. Dorothy Barker: Nope. Also, ...

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Pixelated Cake
Last year work stress kind of took over my life for the few months I would typically be planning the husband's birthday so I had no energy to brain much outside of work. What I had wanted to plan as an epic 30th birthday party sort of spluttered out into at...

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The Tale of the Friheten
Saturday was the husbands 31st birthday, so what does he want to do? Go to Ikea, of course. Last Friday we made the two-and-a-half hour trek to Merriam, Kansas. Obligatory half-way pitstop at Walmart and photo op. in Clinton: My parents went with us because...

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I Made a Bench
A couple weeks ago we stopped at a church yard sale where we picked up 4 dining chairs for $10. As soon as I saw them and the price I knew exactly what I wanted to do. They were in very good shape. The previous owner had recovered the seats and they were ki...

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Window Seat Cushion
A while back my sister got a new-to-her couch and got rid of her awesome old orange couch, but not before I snagged the giant cushion from it! I've been wanting to get a cushion that properly fits on the window seat, but with this I could save money by maki...

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Springfield Coffee Fest 2016
Saturday we went to the first annual Springfield Coffee Fest. We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out pretty awesome. Basically, it was a majority of the coffee shops (local, not franchised) from around the area set up at Farmer's Park sampling the...

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Lackadaisy Cats
I'm almost mad at myself for forgetting about this. Flappers. Mobsters. Prohibition. Bootlegging. CATS WEARING 1920s CLOTHING! What's not to love? Lackadaisy Cats was one of my favorite things back in college. I don't remember when I first discovered them, ...

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Litterbox Rug
I'm constant realizing how spoiled we were with just Missy. She's such a well behaved and clean cat. The kittens have been a reality check. Not to say I love them any less. 'Cuz I love all my kitties like crazy-woah. We don't really have "litterbox problems...

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5 Friday: The Gazebo
I'm SO looking forward to our gazebo just being a great place to relax and hang out during the summer. Right now we basically hang out long enough to grill on our tiny grill and then eat. 1. Lights Last fall I put up some solar fair lights. They're not brig...
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