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Shazia Ali
Dermatologist Based In Jeddah - Masters in Dermatological Science University of Wales
Dermatologist Based In Jeddah - Masters in Dermatological Science University of Wales

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Fact Or Fiction – Lets Bust Some Hairy Myths
I want
to sport hairy limbs, said no well-groomed female ever. That being said, the
biggest dilemma every female faces in the unwanted-hair-department is: what
method of hair removal should I adopt? Nowadays we have a plethora of choices that
cater to femal...

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Uncovering The Dark Secrets Behind Panda Eyes
You sleep 8 hours a night and still suffer from Raccoon eyes – you are not alone, dark circles can be genetic. Though most people associate them with fatigue, but lack of sleep and hours on electronic screens are not the only reason dark circles exist around...

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Become The Queen Of Self Grooming — Dr. Shazia Decodes Braun Beauty Tools For The New Brides
New year, new starts and now we also have the wedding season in the air. Ladies I know when it comes to getting married, you feel a lot of pressure to look prim, proper and positively radiant. This entails hair-free body as well as flawless healthy skin —...

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Looking At Beauty Through The Eyes Of A Dermatologist
Why certain faces attract envious glances, possess the invisible power to turn heads, and invoke a certain chemistry of attraction with human visual cortex? More importantly, what qualities make such faces so special that they can unintentionally become the...

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Smile You Got Dimples
A smile empowered with dimples can add attraction and cuteness to any face that’s why dimples have always been seen as symbols of beauty. It seems silver screen and media world has also been cast under the spell of dimples by just looking at how many celebs...

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The Journey Of Botox — From Injections To Creams
Botox has proven its success in combating dynamic wrinkles and has acquired a star status among anti-aging treatments during the past 25 years. Originally approved for the treatment of eye muscle disorders like blepharospasm and strabismus, Botox over the y...

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Braun Face Spa - Unwrap Your Gift Of Revitalized Skin
Happy New Year ladies! A clear, smooth, and glowing complexion is always at the top of every woman’s beauty wish list. Modern day girls want to look beautiful
naturally they don’t want to hide behind make up in everyday life be it at the gym, on the beach, ...

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The Natural Face Lift
Recently a beauty news channel interviewed me, here’s my detailed talk for your review. Hi I am Dr. Shazia Ali. I am an aesthetic dermatologist practicing for the last 12
years at Al Tababah Specialized Clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have been lucky enough to be train...

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Silky Smooth And Hair-free Skin – Guidelines For Using Epilators
Body hair removal is an integral part of every girl’s beauty routine. There are many techniques to get rid of body hair. Shaving is arguably the most popular, but its main drawback is that the hair grows back real quick and you need to shave 2-4 times per week...

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Beauty Tips For A Radiant & Youthful Face
It is every girls dream to have flawless skin with a healthy radiant complexion, but most girls find themselves in a pickle when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin and complexion on daily basis. Acne, open pores, black/white
heads, pigmentation, and dry patches plague our complexion. Here're my tips to get the skin you always wanted.
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