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NURTURER: Listen, Words, Smiles, Affection AFFECTION: Hugs, Cuddles, Smiles, Sharing SHARING: Experience, Wisdom, Ideas, Passion PASSION: People, Ideas, Spirit, Love LOVE: Passion, Sharing, Affection, Nurturer
NURTURER: Listen, Words, Smiles, Affection AFFECTION: Hugs, Cuddles, Smiles, Sharing SHARING: Experience, Wisdom, Ideas, Passion PASSION: People, Ideas, Spirit, Love LOVE: Passion, Sharing, Affection, Nurturer

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Healthy people work on healthier brands & speaking abilities. πŸ’ͺ🏽

Met with two fitness enthusiasts. Paige has trained me and I've worked with her on branding and targeting for her work. Today we just focused on reconnecting and talked about personal development.

Paul Attia is a lawyer, family man & aspiring speaker. He and I align on many issues on parenting and life balance. A great new connection! I shared some insights on how to become a paid professional speaker, which is also a new coaching program I'm launching in 2017.

Message me if you are interested in finding more clarity, focus & planning around your personal brand or your speaking profile. πŸ‘πŸ½ο»Ώ

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"Authentic Audience Accelerator":

FREE webinar Mar 27, 1pm ET to Build your Tribe, Brand & Impact.


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2 fantastic meetings! I'm recruiting @DYPBTO. Aaron & Louiza are impressive.

#career #leadership #networking πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎ

As our big event starts to gear up we are talking to people to be part of our leadership team. They will steer the direction of the Discover Your Personal Brand flagship conference and the overall movement. Our vision has grown and we look to serve more verticals and create impact year round for business leaders who feel lost, stuck or lacking clarity, focus and differentiation.

Aaron runs a podcast called "The Lucky Few" and offered great insights into programming, partnerships and content.

Louiza is a passionate advocate of development and gave some great ideas around sponsorship and sales. Then DYPB Chair Fatima Zaidi showed up to offer support!

FYI -- the key volunteer leadership roles include Directors of Marketing, Operations, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Events, and Programming. Come be part of a movement to create personal branding success in Canada & beyond. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


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[VIDEO REPLAY]: "Dealing With Burnout" ~ My live weekly chat @seyopa to #SeizeYourPassion. I'm doing a 1-hr webinar on this too at 5pm ET.

#stress #mentalhealth #career #entrepreneurο»Ώ

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Have you ever felt burned out?

#career #smallbiz #Entrepreneur.

This FREE Webinar covers it all.

Because it happens. I think we all have felt this way from time to time. I remember feeling burnout during my engineering job. Or from commuting. ;)

Most recently I felt overwhelmed with all my Entrepreneur tasks in September 2015 and just.....shut down.

So I teamed up with Nik Poplavsky, Chief Bio-Hacker at GetAnxious to put this free content together for you.

Nik is a former lawyer with 3 law degrees from 2 countries. He also went through several years of practice in large firms like Allen & Overy, Blakes and Deloitte. During that time he also launched one less than successful business. This resulted in an overwhelming burnout which took several months to recover. Now Nik is working on a next venture helping entrepreneurs prevent burnout and increase performance.

Wanna join us? It's free.

Can't make it? If you REGISTER you get access to a REPLAY.


#motivation #goals #instadaily #leadership #me #fitinmylife #parenting #family #love #stress #health #mentalhealth #happy #fun #instagood #picoftheday #followme #instagramhub #photo #inspiration ο»Ώ

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"How to Leverage Social Selling" ~ Check out my featured post. I share 3 key aspects.

#sales #socialmedia #business ο»Ώ

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o if you want to get a little of that confidence and fire back, I invite you to join me for Round 2 of the Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge #BWWLC.


Round 2 is kicking off Sunday, March 12th.

In 2016, #BWWLC helped 40 people lose a cumulative 250 lbs! In Round 1 of 2017, our group lost 60+ lbs collectively! The challenge and the group offers people support, accountability, and some healthy competition!

We will each put money into the pot ($50 or $100) - basically you're betting on yourself that you'll lose more percentage of your body weight than anyone else in the challenge. That means that if you're heavier like me and want to lose a lot of weight, or lighter like some other people in the challenge and only want to use a few pounds, it's all relative and based on percentage lost which keeps it fair. Each round of #BWWLC runs 6 weeks. Also, it's anonymous! You'll choose a nickname, so no one will ever know what your weight is or was.

I had passed this challenge by about 4 times even when Bobby Umar lovingly invited me and followed up. To be honest, I was nervous about sharing my weight for tracking, even with one person in confidence. But I did it and I wish I had done it sooner. Imagine all the progress I could have made if I had just gotten over myself and that number?

Don't be like me. Don't waste time. The support of the #FitInMyLife group is incredible and has proven integral to my consistent results.

I invite you to join me in taking on Round 2 of this challenge.

To get started, join the #FitInMyLife CLOSED Facebook Group:ο»Ώ
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