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colonic, hydrotherapy, endermologie, cellulite, lipomassage, acupuncture
colonic, hydrotherapy, endermologie, cellulite, lipomassage, acupuncture


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How to lose weight?
Motivation to lose weightScientists have finally figured out how to lose weight without much effort.
First, start training when you are tired. Great news: now, to lose weight, do not exhaust yourself on every approach to weightlifting. Be exhausted only on the first approach. Scientists from the University of McMaster (Canada) found that during training you lose weight better when the muscles are already tired, and the body has to use reserves, burning fat. Our method is this: choose four different exercises with weights and make three approaches, reducing the number of repetitions from 15 to 12 and 8 (show loads so that you do the fifteenth repetition in the first approach with the last effort, on trembling hands). Rest 60 seconds between exercises. Keep in mind, during such training, the participants in the experiment lost 3-5 kg in 30 days (and only three times a week).
Secondly, give up traditions. Of course, you can lose weight on the popular diets of Atkins and Dukan. You know, then you have to stay away from carbohydrates and prefer protein foods. But there is bad news too: the protein diet increases the risk of hormonal disorders and the subsequent cardiovascular diseases.
You do not want to have a heart attack? Then here's another study for you. Two groups of volunteers were fed the same number of calories for four weeks, but the first group sat on a low-fat diet (with fats, they received only 20% of energy), and the other group did eat low glycemic index (GI) food heavily, which allows you to stay full and does not lead to sharp jumps in blood sugar levels.
How to lose weight? Remember, only because the low-glycemic food is digested by the body smoothly and even with some effort, the second group burned a day 150 kcal more than "fat-free" group, which equals the loss of 8.3 kg of weight in a year. Have breakfast today with beans with toasted whole wheat bread. It will give you the energy to find a list of other products with low GI for lunch and dinner on the Internet.

Motivation to lose weight
Third, use social networks. I've heard about the "loop feedback" - this win-win technology to increase the motivation that psychologists use. In our case, social networks should use it too. The results of the research show: regular posting on Facebook reports on how you lose weight can improve your dynamics as much as 20%.
The feeling of additional responsibility to the audience of the world's most extensive social network will stop you the next time you'll sneak up to the fridge for the cake at night. And it will be even better if someone decides to follow your example. The instigators of creating a "team of losing weight," according to research, themselves lose weight even more effectively due to the "sense of shared responsibility."
Now you know the basic rules of how to lose weight. And colonic irrigation will get rid of all the accumulated harmful substances.
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Anti-candida colonic hydrotherapy.
Colonic irrigation is an important stage in cleansing the body from harmful substances and toxins. The procedure can be performed both as a whole package or as separate sessions. Attending a session would be useful for bringing the body to order. Irrigating the colon is necessary for those who:

Eat food that originated from animals
Eat food that has been thermally treated
Eat food which contain harmful additives
Are not fasting
Live in an urban environment
Are not following a healthy lifestyle
Overall, it can be concluded that the procedure is necessary for almost everyone. The treatment is simply the process of cleansing the intestines. If you do not pay proper attention to your own digestive system, infections and poisonous waste can harm the human body, such as causing the development of serious diseases.

Medics argue that most diseases in the modern world originate from the intestines. People who live unhealthily may find that undigested foods can remain within the body for a long time. As a result, some of the following symptoms may come up:

Unpleasant body odor
Skin pathologies
Problems with breathing
Frequent colds and other diseases
Types of colonic irrigation techniques
Colonic irrigation is a procedure that requires a professional approach. Our clinic employs experienced staff with all the required knowledge. They will talk you through the whole process and bring satisfying results. Different types of services are based on whether water, bicarbonate of soda or medicinal herbs are used during the treatment. Each of them focus in certain areas and all give useful effects.
Colonic Hydrotherapy is a painless procedure. It gives instant effects; reducing a few extra pounds and easing the general condition of the patient. The procedure is carried out in a clinic, using professional equipment. Colonic Irrigation with enema herbs has an excellent antispasmodic effect and allows you to get rid of useless gases within the body. The composition of the solution for the procedure includes cleansing herbs.

Colonic therapy with bicarbonate of soda has a strong effect on bacteria and yeast infections, killing them in the process. After the end of treatment, people feel much healthier and happier. Regular care and attendance to these treatments allow you to stay in great shape and feel better for longer.
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Colonic Hydrotherapy packages.

Colonic Irrigation is an effective way to bring the body to a healthy state and to get rid of the infections and harmful substances that have accumulated in it for a long time. In addition to the purification, the procedure has a positive long-term effect on the person. The effect of treatment is almost instant.

Cleansing the intestines removes toxic products from the body, stabilizing the metabolism as a result. The absence of these toxins and harmful microorganisms allow for the intestine to digest food efficiently. The procedure has a rejuvenating effect on the body. Getting rid of stool leads to an instant decrease in weight. The presence of harmful products in the colon deforms both it and the appearance of the stomach over time.

Upon completion of therapy, the abdominal wall will acquire its natural size. The presence of stool in the intestine for more than twelve hours leads to the release of poisons that are absorbed into the blood. As a result, the body poisons itself.

The irrigation of the large intestine prevents all these unpleasant phenomena. Our clinic offers preliminary consultation and a whole range of procedures.
Professionals work with clients, helping them to develop a healthy intestine and the body as a whole.

The importance of colonic irrigation for the body
The large intestine is an important component of the body, affecting body systems. It contains a variety of substances: proteins, carbohydrates, water and vitamins. In addition, it develops microorganisms; some of which are useful, and others that are harmful.

The food we eat every day directly affects the rate of contamination of the body. Our clinic guarantees that the irrigation of the large intestine gives health and longevity to individuals. The procedure, carried out with professional equipment, allow you to fully cleanse the intestines and return it back to its normal state. It can either be a one-time session or a full multi day treatment.

If a person is troubled by ailments such as:

Regular constipation
Food poisoning
Complex diets
Infectious diseases
Lack of physical exercises
It is recommended to contact professionals who can perform a health analysis and give initial consultation.
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Colonic irrigation with a liver stimulating herbal implant & bicarbonate of soda
NEW! Colon hydrotherapy with a herbal implant and bicarbonate of soda. The formula consists of four herbs, Burdock root, Raspberry leaf, Red Clover Flower, Yellow Dock Root and Wild Yam. The synergy of herbs may help provide a cleansing, soothing and relaxing properties, within the smooth muscle of the bowel also helps remove gas. The herbs also help to stimulate the liver and gall bladder. Consequently, sodium bicarbonate delivered to the colon through colonic irrigation can kill off candida. Comprehensive consultation is included.
Colonic irrigation is the process of cleansing the colon of infectious bacteria and fungi, but it can also be useful when trying to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Colonic irrigation is also useful when dieting and trying to lose weight, but that should never be the only reason that one chooses colonic irrigation as a program regime. The process that we use is an initial consultation paired with an initial colonic irrigation. During this process, we will analyze data that has been retained from your body, and we will discuss your options with you so that we can decide on the best process to suit your body’s needs.
Probiotics are the body’s way to defend itself against infections and diseases, but the colon is usually outnumbered by 20% to 80% with bad infections. This means that the body no longer fights unhealthy attackers, and there is a much greater risk of hernias, constipation, sedentary life, chronic constipation and many other colonic ailments. It is important to protect your colon so that you may live a longer and healthier life.
Colonic irrigation is the process of cleansing the colon
Our London offices specialize in helping patients to discover ways to improve the health of their colons, digestive tracts and prostates so that they can lessen their chances of getting diseases and infections in those parts of the body. Not only will you begin to feel the difference in your body, but you will be more likely to live a longer and healthier life than ever before. While the process may contain multiple visits and colonic irrigation treatments, it will be well worth it in the long run. Maintaining a healthy colon consists of proper dieting, irrigation and being informed. We are here to help you become informed and maintain that healthier lifestyle.
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Colonic hydrotherapy with an anti-parasitic implant & bicarbonate of soda
NEW! Colonic irrigation with a compound mixture specially formulated for implanting after colonic hydrotherapy treatment to treat a range parasites in situ in the large bowel. Comprehensive consultation is included.
The anti-parasite implant contains: Tinctures of Artemesia absinthum, Chamomilla recutita, Juglans regia, Syzyngium aromaticum.
Bicarbonate of soda solution enhances anti-parasitic effect of the treatment creating hostile environment for parasites being very beneficial for various systems of human body at the same time.
What happens during colonic hydrotherapy?
Our office in London is dedicated to helping patients discover better ways to increase their colon’s health. While it is important to be informed of what is going on inside of your body, many people do not consider colonic health to be an important factor in their lifestyle choices and needs. The truth is, there are more and more cases of ailments in the digestive tract, prostate and colon because of the unnatural and unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that most foods contain nowadays. To ensure that your colon is functioning at the highest level possible, it is necessary to see a healthcare professional, so that you may increase your chances of becoming independent of the substances that you ingest.
Some of the more common ailments that are associated with an unhealthy colon include parasites, IBS, constipation, flatulence, hernias, hemorrhoids and even some types of cancer. Probiotics are typically outnumbered 20% to 80% because bacterial infections and fungal infections that are not treated or undiagnosed in the digestive tract. A colonic hydrotherapy treatment plan can help to ensure that your colon and digestive tract are healthier than ever before by ridding your body of many of those infections that cause diseases and ailments.
A colonic irrigation in our London office will not only empty your colon, but the consultation process will help you become more informed on how your body works and ways to keep you happier and healthier.
The process consists of the initial consultation, initial colonic hydrotherapy with an anti-parasite implant and a program that is set up to cleanse your body of peristalsis stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and more. The stimulants make the body naturally react to an unnatural affliction. The reaction causes the colon to become weaker and the muscles to lose firmness and elasticity. Our goal is to strengthen those muscles, retain the elasticity and provide you with a regimen that will keep you healthy.
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Iulia Popescu reviewed – 5 star

I had a colonic on Saturday with Ludmila. I had a face rash for more than a month, which almost cleared up after the session. I strongly recommend this clinic. Ludmila is such a lovely person, she's very professional, knows what she is doing and she's so easy going, made my stress about the procedure go away in a few minutes :) see you soon!
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Mini Detox PLUS - 3 Colonics including minerals, probiotic & herbal implant.
£334.00 or £281.00 if booked on-line.

The ideal pattern of colonic treatments +Parkland Natural Health Clinic includes three alkalising colon hydrotherapy treatments with sodium bicarbonate, one anti-parasitic implant on the first treatment, one liver and gall bladder stimulating herbal implant on the second treatment, and high strength probiotic implant on the third colonic.
An intensive course of three colon cleanses taken over one week to kick start a detox cleansing regime. Includes initial consultation.

The cleansing process is made up of an initial consultation and irrigation, and the treatment regimen is discussed and decided on during that consultation. Because of the dangers, ailments and diseases related to an unclean colon, it is important to be informed and conscientious of your body and bodily functions.
Common ailments that relate to an uncleansed colon are irregular bowel movements, chronic constipation, infectious diseases, food poisoning, sedentary life and a carbohydrate-filled diet. It is necessary to rid your body of the bactericides and fungal infections so that your body’s natural probiotics can take over and help provide you with a happier and healthier lifestyle. The cleansing process will essentially re-educate your colon. The re-education process will help the colon to not only improve the muscle functions, but the process will also help the colon become independent of the types of foods that you ingest.
Some of the common diseases and illnesses that are related to an unhealthy colon include chronic constipation, IBS, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and hernia. A cleansing regimen will help to resolve those issues in a way that is healthy and effective to your body. The initial consultation and cleansing will happen in our London office, and it will lay out the best plan for you and your body. To analyze your health and functions, the initial cleansing will take place during the consultation. This will help to ensure that the doctors and you are all in sync with the ailments and issues that your colon is facing.
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