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Someone has to push to get the ball rolling.
Someone has to push to get the ball rolling.

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Words can not even begin to express how dumbfounded I am with humanity at this moment.

I've been playing a lot of the D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon lately with the girlfriend and kids. Playing with the set characters though, with no real growth grows tiring though. A couple of the advantages Wrath has over Descent 2.0 is the extra purchasable stuff, set-up time, and being fully co-op.

Anyone have any ideas for board games that fit that general genre that also has decent character creation, if not character growth? I'm looking for something that would probably end up being more middle ground between Wrath and Descent in terms of set-up time, but keeping the co-op and not so much (if any) extra stuff to buy on the side.

Thanks in advance.

I went out and was talked into getting Ultimate Werewolf One Night, everyone at my local shop was raving at how good it is. The problem is that once I got it back to the house and a two of my co-workers and I got to play it, it was just boring. Since most of the game is spent with your eyes closed, no one really had any fun while playing.

Is this a game that either gets better with the more players you can gather for it, or it is just a game that is apparently very over hyped?  In the end $25 was a bad price to pay, but I simply don't see how One Night stands to compete with other quick games like Cthulhu Roll for gametime.

WIfe, oldest daughter, and myself played a game of DungeonQuest for the first time today. It went effectively how I expected it to.

My starting corner of the tower ended up being completely composed of dead ends, so I had to back track and travel to another tower and try again. By this time though I only had two point of life left, and of course walk into a trapped room which was filled with snakes which was more than successful at taking those two life points. The Elf was the 'first' character to die, but strange enough everyone else was going to follow within a couple turns.

Daughter's character made some excellent headway through the catacombs finding a diamond worth 2000 gold. She did take a few point of damage from various fights and an explosion trap, but things were looking up for her when she emerged only two squares away from the dragon's horde, only to be trapped in a dead end with a demon that took her down.

Wife's first character died in the first room on the 2nd turn, but even on the first turn she got a Shade that followed her around and every turn she had to test or outright die immediately. The sorcerer the Wife picked was just doomed from the get go. We gave her an okay to play another character which actually made his way through the catacombs and popped out right next to the dragon's horde. First time she tried to loot she woke him up, so that didn't turn out too well, but she managed to loot a couple times in a room afterward successfully. By the time she was leaving, she was the only player left in the game, and she found a few corridors before eventually finding a bottomless pit. She managed to get over the pit thanks to the flying carpet she had to discard only to end up in a dead end and needing to back track over that same pit. Well Dwarves aren't the most agile of races, so Wife's character died falling into the darkness.

Overall, the game did go as I expected. It only has a 13-15% survival rate, but the trip is well worth it. It also plays quickly. Even with three players, we were burning through an entire round within a minute or two.

I wanted something to do today with the rain making it all dreary and grey. The universe decided that the something was going to be 'Going onto the roof to remove a bunch of leaves and pinecones that were clogging up the waterways and making the roof leak'. Not entertained universe, not at all.

Found the OOP big box version of Rune Wars at the local shop today fully accounted for for only $45.00. Snatched it up ASAP. May not get much game time, but I hope it gets at least a few plays a year.

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Got a ton of L5R cards today. Looking forward to cracking some, but need to figure out if I want dragon or crane clans.

I will start off by saying, I am a rather big YuGiOh CCG fan, but the YGO DM set was one which I bought the starter and never expended on. The reason for it was pretty simple. The art work used on the cards was disappointing since it was (on average) bad screen caps from the TV show.

Thus far, every set but the YGO set has very crisp art direct from some form of source material, which makes the YGO set stand out that much more to me. With nearly all the cards as actual cards in the YGO games, I am left to wonder, could WizKids not get Bandai to buy off on using the art that is on the YGO cards themselves for some reason? 

Played Dread tonight with a group of co-workers. It was an interesting night. The final pull was made between two player characters who betrayed each other at the very end when everyone could have survived. One of them took a heroic fail and lit off a fire bomb to kill them both as well as set off an anti-matter bomb within the hull of the space hulk. Rather epic ending to the one off game.

Well #TabletopDay was more or less a success. Got in a couple games of Love Letter, a game of Ascension, bought Epic Spell Wars as well as some card sleeves for my Love Letter set. Finished things off with a trip to 7-11 for the 'Bring Your Own Cup" day.
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