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Mary Cordner
Wandering Around Wondering Where I'll End Up...
Wandering Around Wondering Where I'll End Up...

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Mary Gets Political Again -- Tear Down This Wall
"Locks keep honest people honest." - One of my High School Teachers Man, there is a lot of talk about walls lately. Really expensive walls. Aggravating walls. Walls, I wish wouldn't be built because it logically and morally does not make any sense. I have a...

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Thoughts on Final Fantasy XV in Vignettes
So I just beat Final Fantasy XV and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings. During my adventure with Prince Noctis, I kept on hoping a theme I could expound upon in an entry would present itself so I could write a review entry. That didn't happen as it turns...

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Words Matter
is only two certainties in my particular world of fandom -- I will
always buy the latest Final Fantasy series, even if Conan O'Brien calls
it a video game if written by James Joyce; and I will always be a part
of the Harry Potter fandom, even just...

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If You Lie With Dogs, You Get Fleas
Hello again, after an incredibly long space between entries again! Life caught me off-guard again and I got busy with stuff. Work. Dating. Friend Stuff. Civilization VI. Even with all of that, nothing has caught me so off-guard than the results of the U.S. ...

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Good Person does not automatically mean Good Parent and other annoying Parenthood tropes
I just read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child last night and I found it flawed but enjoyable. I really wish it was just a book instead of a play but alas. I'm a Potterhead and I'll take what I can get. I read some reviews people had on Goodreads and there w...

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Frustrating Movies -- X-Men: Apocalypse
My relationship with the X-Men franchise started with a boy. My first boyfriend. He really wanted to see X-Men 2 and I went along with him after he whined a little. Before X-Men, I never was super into superheroes. I did like Spiderman but I said Spiderman ...

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Lisa the Iconoclast and Busting Family Lore
I know it has been another span of time before I wrote in this. I'm trying to be consistent but life gets away from me and I'll end up getting hyper-focused on something else. Like lately, I've been obsessing in and tracing my own family story ...

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World Building World -- Part 1: Geography
I tend to be modest about my abilities but one thing I don't hesitate to say I'm good at is World Building. I've been complimented by a variety of different people on how I can create deep sandboxes in which people's characters can dig and turn up gold nugg...

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Deadpool Made Me Cry ... But Not Due to Laughing
It's been a long time since I've updated my blog. Life got away from me. I got a new job, which is good. And my father lost his battle to cancer a few weeks ago, which is bad. I try to keep my personal life away from this blog as much as possible but I got ...
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