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A month in
Although I am by no means an expert, I'd say that with travel, following the initial buzz of arrival, there comes the more difficult period of settling in. As lovely as my host family are, I think after just over a month living in Coyhaique- the realisation...

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Cerro Castillo
It seems that Cerro Castillo, a national park just a few hours drive away from Coyhaique, is known as a quiet, unspoilt paradise unknown to most tourists visiting Patagonia. Whilst the mecca of hiking in the South of Chile, Torres del Paine, is closing camp...

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¡Tía, tía!
The marble caves of Puerto Tranquilo- where we were all told to look for the dog shaped rock! Today marks my third week in Chile and I can say with pride that I now don't get lost every time I leave the house and I am finally starting to look less like a to...

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¿Cachai, po?
Lesson number one of travelling in South America; the vocabulary you've learnt from the age of 13 and 14 in school does not always set you up very well for Chile. Stepping off the plane and asking a member of staff "necesito coger mi equipaje antes de mi vu...

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Arriving in Chile

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A Little Catch Up & Halloween Photos
My last blog post was towards the very end of the summer holidays which means I've had a 2 month break from posting! I still can't really believe it's been that long and all I can really say is.. A2s. The combination of senior sixth, doing 4 A levels and ge...

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My family and I have a tradition that we go away to Wales for a few days towards the end of August- to relax, do some walking and most of all to distract ourselves from the approaching return to school and work.. We stayed for around 4 days this time, near ...

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Can you tell I'm clinging onto the last little bit of summer? The weather was no where near warm enough for this dress, but I really wanted to get some wear out of it before it is well and truly autumn! I generally don't go for this shape of dress- but I lo...

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    A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Portmeirion Village to share 4 ways in which I find serenity from the everyday stress we
all experience now and again. I've really enjoyed reading the posts from
other bloggers and seeing their photos as well as put...

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A Mini Lush Haul
After lunch at Wagamama's and a quick whizz around a few shops, my
friend Cherie and I popped into Lush and despite our promises to buy
only one thing each, treated ourselves to a few of their new products. I got a bit overexcited with all the new colourf...
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