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When you're in Cleveland be certain to stop by +Beckett Warren's awesome shop +Weird Realms
A mighty sword-wielding proprietor
Appendix N
Kickass mural
Beckett kicks out the jams old school
The fucking floor is made of games
All kinds of DIY/OSR games, zines, adventures
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Kurukkemish Kalelu
Warrior, Hrsh worshiper
S 99 I 45 Con 65 Psy 63 D 84 Com 32
Original Skills: Bootmaker
Professional Skills: Swordsman, spearman, axeman
Equipment: Helmet, diaper, war harness, the very boots that got him drummed out of the boot making trade, spear, shield
Gold: 2

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Name: Jason Sholtis

Country/State/City of residence: Pennsylvania hinterlands, USA

Do you consider yourself a professional artist/designer (profesional meaning you make all or most of your income from art or design)?
Heavens, no

If not, are you working towards becoming profesional and what steps are you taking?
At the moment, I'm working on drawings for myself with occasional projects for friends on the side

Do you focus on one area or specialise i.e. fantasy, rpg, or do you branch out?
I did comics (like way underground) for a long time and toy with returning to the form from time to time. I like fairly weird F with a dash of SF.

What is the reasoning behind your rates (don't post your rates, but your reasoning for how you charge)?
I am both clueless and utterly guileless in this area, but am interested in learning

Portfolio: I just threw this together tonight in an effort to mitigate my almost complete lack of professionalism:
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