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Book Club!
Our class book club meets for the very first time TODAY @ the Greenfield Public Library at 1pm. See any our  friends that would like the join there. Cost is FREE And copies of the book will be provided at each meeting.  Weather permitting, we'll read outsid...

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XWLShowdown...JOIN NOW!
When I was asked to participate...I hesitated. I really did. Weight loss is difficult. And so much of it is in our minds. Post Extreme Weight Loss, I've done a lot of mind work. Self Love. Mattering. And learning to let people love me. Just the way I am. An...

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I was 10 when a teacher changed my life.  Her name is Karen Willard.  She was my Miss Honey, for those of you none Roald Dahl fans, from his novel, Matlida.  She taught me a lot of things, perhaps most importantly my love of learning.  I never thought, in a...

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April Vacation Work :)
Hi 4th grade families! Just a little reminder, complete any or all of your Spring Break packet and receive an extra recess! Don't forget to bring the packet back with you for Monday. Monday is also Miss. Fox's last day with us as a student intern and we'll ...

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New Attitude :)
I'm slowly updating this - though - I'm not in love with this backdrop - but for now - there is so much I want to say about the scale. And how letting go of it... has been my greatest accomplishment. Numbers in general... depicting my self worth. Or my beau...

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April is Poetry Month!
Students launched our Poetry Unit with some color poems.  Here's a sneak peek at their work :)! Red Red
is the face when your nervous or mad Red
is when your running and fall Red
if when your knees are scraped Red
is as bright as a radish Red
is the color o...

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Spirit Week will be celebrated April 11th - 15th :) 4/11 Monday - Inside Out Day 4/12 Tuesday - Mix and Match Day! 4/13 Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day! 4/14 Thursday - Hat Day! HALF DAY 4/15 Friday - Newton School Spirit Day Tweet

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Cooking Matters Graduation and Big Thanks!
Our 6 weeks with the folks from Cooking Matters has really flown by! They've joined us every Thursday for 2 hours of health and wellness talk as well as learning to cook. Each student was presented with their very own Western Mass Food Bank Apron, along wit...

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Re-Air and Refresh ;)
March is always sentimental. It's the time of the year the entire Extreme Weight Loss casting process started in Philly. At the same time, I had just moved to Philly from Massachusetts, leaving my biological sister in the Western MA area after meeting her f...
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