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Musical Toys- Great for the Elementary General Music Classroom
Now that my kiddo is 15 months, I have a lot of toys around.  My family thinks, because I am a music teacher, I want ALL the musical baby toys.  Some are awesome for Henry and some of them, I have found, are AWESOME for all ages and I want to bring them int...

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Building Rapport Music Room
Everybody knows that if students feel loved and safe and like their teacher truly cares about them, they will usually behave better- listening more, being more respectful to the teacher and other classmates, and generally have a much happier time in your cl...

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Tuesday Book Club- The Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon and other 1st grade Tales
Tuesday book club is here again!  Today I will be discussing a few books I use at the beginning of 1st grade to introduce students to me and the music room.  My district starts specials in 1st grade, so this is the first time they are seeing me and having m...

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Tuesday Book Club- John Denver and Christopher Canyon
Last year for Right to Read week our school had the illustrator Christopher Canyon and his wife come in to speak to our students.  They are both wonderful artists.  Mr. Canyon illustrates many books, but the ones I use most often in my class are the John De...

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Rhythmic Manipulatives
Wow, last week was Crazy!  I had no plan time at school *(well very little) because I was administering AIMSweb testing (a reading fluency test) and had either a May Festival Rehearsal or Concert every night.  It's always the short weeks that feel the longe...

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Quick Tips- Working with a Student Teacher
I currently have my first student teacher and it has been an awesome learning experience for us both so far. I only student taught Middle and High-School Choir so elementary student teaching was brand new for me AND Emily!  She is only here for 1 more weeks...

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Classroom Management Quick Tips - Giving Directions
I just thought I would share 5 quick tips on how I give directions in my room to make things run smoothly. When giving directions, Language needs to be very specific so students always know exactly what is expected.  If directions aren't clear, the follow t...

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Mindful Music Moments
                          My school has started doing an awesome program this year called Mindful Music Moments .  Each morning after the announcements we listen to a piece of music.  Students are supposed to listen silently, feet flat on the floor, hands i...

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Music Classroom Tour
I am FINALLY linking up to Tracey King's Music Classroom Tours post with my room pictures! It is week 5 of school so we have been going for a while, but I am finally able to breathe after assemblies, popsicles, rehearsals, walk-a-thons and more.  I think th...

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Tuneful and Trendy
I am so excited to join this linky party with Christine over at Elementary Etudes .  It was a great first day with students (more on what I did today later) and choosing an outfit for the first day is still just as fun as it was when I was a student in Elem...
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