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David Wood
Not an avid much of anything these days, unfortunately...
Not an avid much of anything these days, unfortunately...


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And there's a lot more of me where I come from...

Per Alex Schroeder's advice, I'm making a post and pinning it to my profile so people who want to find me can find me after the place where they found me originally becomes an un-place.

Yes, I did make the move to MeWe (, and I have a few communities there of varying activity, including one for the game I ran until very recently. It may or may not start up again eventually, but I'm not sure with whom.

I have profiles on Mastodon—yes, multiple. I'd originally created my profile ( when I was first dipping my toe into federated space, then when Google announced G±, buckled under the strain so I created a new, slightly more familiar identity ( on, as you'll see.

I have a login on, but have never used the forums there. I also have an identity on diaspora ( and one on (, but I've done nothing on them.

Discord has become a thing, and I am there (as Territan, again), but there I have the opposite problem of some places; one Discord is quiet little social space where you and your friends hang; a dozen Discords is gluing your eyelids open, putting on 3-D glasses, and giving the devil a colonoscopy the Wednesday morning after Taco Tuesday.

I have a login on Slack (as Territan, again), for much the same reason, and while I'm convinced Slack has a similar problem to Discord, I'm only in one Slackspace and don't have those problems. Yet.

I also have a login at Twitch (as Territan, again), but have not done any streaming of anything. That may also change, if I can get a group stable enough to game with online again.

There's also Twitter and Instagram (you can guess the usernames), but I almost never use those, and not lately. They may pick up slightly if I have more interesting things to talk about.

And Fæcebook? Don't get me started on that platform.

If there's a service you think I should be using, please tell me about it. If I should be using a service differently to get more out of it, please tell me about that too.
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Unplanned, Quite Probably Very Long Term Outage

If you weren't there for the session that I tried to start on October 28th, well, it did not go well. Personal differences have made it impossible for Shoe and Emi to play together; I will not go into specifics of what happened. Suffice it to say that we're not bringing the band back together.

And given the choices, the most attractive to me was to stop the game completely. People would get their Sundays back, I could plan one less game a week, and people could get into other games of their own choosing.

But then, I thought: Would that be fair to the other players? Have we come so far that ending the game on this note would do the rest of you a disservice? It doesn't feel quite mature enough to worry about keeping to me.

Here's where you can tell me what a selfish jagoff I'm being. Alternatively, you may have other advice. Just know that continuing as if nothing happened isn't a choice.

It still feels weird to me, sending out friend requests to people who have done little more than make their content available to me. Something about that feels wrong.

So tell you what: If you want me as a contact (or stranger still, a "friend"), please tell me on which platform you reside so that I may connect.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the news.

The nature of rumors and reporting on the internet make panic over the demise of Google+ unwarranted.

However, the nature of Google to shitcan any service that isn't making literal buckets of money makes this the perfect time to panic.

Between the two, I am going to attempt an orderly retreat.

And given that I'm running games online using G+ as a central platform, well. I'm going to need a new central platform.

This means, among other things, that I may be fleeing towards Twitch for broadcasting my weekly gaming sessions. Would anyone care to give me pointers?
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With Rumors of Google+'s Demise...

It's time to start planning ahead. I'm already looking at Google Takeout to download the contents of my personal stream and my four (four? Four?? Four!) Communities. If it goes well, I will likely run Takeout just before they pull the covers back and prepare to shit the bed properly.

One of the bigger issues will be Communities, our primary venue for saving campaign information, going bye-bye. Hangouts may not be suffering the same fate, but given Google's proclivity for axing services that I use, I'm not taking chances.

Let's talk about alternatives. Skype may work as a communications tool, but that leaves the problem of recording. I need to step up my OBS/CamTwist game and prepare for processing my own damn video for YouTube... or Twitch.

For community posting, something could be done in Discord or Slack, both of which suffer the same problem: The more channels you're on in either of those, the less time you have to spend in each of those channels. One can get your undivided attention. Twelve will speed past like git through a shoose.

I'll start laying the foundations for a Discord/Skype/Twitch solution (with streams archived to YouTube), but if you guys have other ideas, I'm all ears.

In other news, we may need to undertake a Discord/Skype/Twitch test some time in the near future. Just in case...

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The stub for the October 14th session. Quite probably the last of this particular set. Then we return to civilization. Or perhaps more proper desolation.

Not-Quite-Last-Minute Slowly Realized Outage: October 7th

I've retained the comments here because they're relevant to the decision to postpone what will probably be the final session of the "Tides of Gillagius" set until Sunday, October 14th. There are enough people who are in doubt for a variety of reasons, and I want to make sure I have as little excuse as possible to be ready.

I might still not quite be ready; I just want the time and lack of excuse.

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The stub for the September 23rd session. There is definitely something about this dungeon that makes it vastly different from any other dungeon they might ever tromp through...

For the second week in a row, only two other people showed up for the game I was (theoretically) going to run at the FLGS on game night.

The third player may have been helping relatives who live in NC, after Florence. Noble if true, but I have no way to verify because outside the game table itself he’s completely and utterly non-communicative.

The Starvation Rule may soon come into play: If the players don’t come, I can stop building it. After that, I may need to find another group completely, or another store, or just drop completely out of the Thursday rat race because running anything for the group I’ve got is proving daunting.
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All right, I need feedback from someone who’s familiar with both microphones and game store back rooms.

Can anyone recommend a microphone with enough sensitivity to pick up the table it’s placed at, and only that table? Or is that simply too fantastic?
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