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Ok im one of the biggest Transformer fans most of you know. If there is one thing i dont like about the Live action movies is that Bumblebee is some kinda bad ass.And gets the attention in today's media and all that jazz. In the original Cartoon he was the comic relief. He was that autobot that was weak and frail just like humans. That is why Spike got along with him so well. They werent warriors or bad asses.
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Have you ever heard the old saying, one must never tell the same story more than once? The only people that would have appreciated that would have been the fans. They wanted to change shit up and bring in a whole new genre and tell another story AND make worked. Not saying it's good or bad or picking sides so don't get your panties in a bunch. :)
Speaking of telling the same story twice. The whole 3rd movie is like two episodes of the cartoon. Where Megatron tried to bring Cybertron into earth's orbit through the space bridge.
I pooted.
Just throwing that out there...
since I know you care about things like that.
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