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Kelsey Chambers
Politics, Video Games, Art, Politics, Video Games, Art , Sleep Repeat
Politics, Video Games, Art, Politics, Video Games, Art , Sleep Repeat

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Ten things that I could be doing instead of watching The Sims 4 download on my computer:
1. Write some of my new stories
2. Make breakfast
3. Anything else really
4. Again eat something ANYTHING
5. Play with my cats
6: Suddenly become the most patient person on earth and learn the virtue of calm
7-10: Stare at a wall.
#gaming #slowinternet #thesims4  

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Can't sleep so here's some random snapshots of life on my Tomodachi Life island. :P
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I finally have a 3DS and Tomododachi Life. And now I have two DS's so I can trade pokemon between my various games but one of my games is at 294 hours and the other is at 12 D:  #gamerproblems #pokemon  

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I hope it's not too much to ask, as I am unable to help at the moment (due to my own money problems).... My friend is fighting a Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the moment and her family needs help with the bills. Her mother has also been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wish that I could help. It hurts to see that she needs to crowd fund to get her treatments. Even if this just catches your eye for a moment it would make me feel better. Stephanie is strong and so is her family and they have been doing nothing but fighting for a long time.

Thanks for reading this at least. It means a lot to me.

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I'm so possessed right now. Or I'm not and this is all bullshit.

When looking for a new profile photo I realized that most photos that I'm in I'm half drunk or have ruined photos by looking the wrong way. :P Oh family vacations!

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The Land of Dreams
© Jeff R. Clow

The dream is always shifting...from high peaks with razor edge cliffs to storm clouds preparing to assault the tree line below.  What is constant is the crisp air, the rocks under my step...and the overwhelming silence that resonates so loudly in my mind.

My head is killing me and not in the cool Bad wolf way.
It just fucking hurts.
That's all.

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: ') It's beautiful.
Angry at how brilliant this is. Damn.
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