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Me, taking pictures of people taking pictures of me wearing #googleglass ... how meta
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not bad, and for less than $1k you could be one of the first to get your hands on one, if they reach their target funding goal. too bad i just bought an S4 ... maybe I'll still get in on this, seeing that they don't ship until May '14.

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not only was only one corner of the candy area but there was a train


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Got a new S4 because the S3 finally died. Got a good week out of it after dropping it, and I'm getting a replacement fromBestBuy so I can offset the cost of the S4 - new S3 replacement to be seen in Orlando Craigslist ad next week, unless anyone here is looking to buy one as an upgrade.

My Drupal circle ... yes, definitely lacking in size, but share yours w/ me and it'll grow :c)

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Can you screen share in a G+ hangout?

EDIT: I only ask because i'm looking for some feedback on a design i've been working on.
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