"If the bullet doesn't fit, you need a bigger gun." R. L. Taylor.

Tallium 80 "Finisher" Missile

Meet the Tallium 80, or "Finisher" Missile. This is a massive missile packed with Tallium 80 gas, a super heavy metal of the (fictional) Tallium family. It is a highly reactive, highly toxic gas, which knocks out the electronics of anything it hits. Tallium 80 gas naturally generates electric storms, and will react with most non-metallic, and many metallic elements, causing them to "rust" and bubble, as if being eaten away by acid.

The Tallium 80 Missile comes in multiple sizes (the same design), and can be carried by several Hornets, though its usage is highly restricted.

Over time, released Tallium 80 gas turns into an inert fluid, which can be reactivated by the right electrical or light frequencies. For this reason, Tallium 80 Missiles are designed to release their contents on impact, retreat, and after a period of time, deactivate the gas by passing an alternating current through it, before exploding. This all happens within a few seconds.

The Tallium 80 missile is powered 3 rockets, and can pilot itself after being launched.
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