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Hmm, this isn't good, I hope it isn't true. Marlin is something I've been watching (especially due to the Miller Column view mode, that is something I really like).
Unfortunately it is true. The developer told me he lost interest. (Check the link).
That is unfortunate for sure (I did glance briefly at the link, but obviously not close enough). Hmm. I wonder what is involved?
(As in, what is required to be the maintainer?)
Oh, just go there and write an article :D
Anyway, +elementary folks - +Cassidy James and others, perhaps you are to revive Marlin, after all, it's the File Manager for eOS Luna.
Please, please, please, somebody revive it (or at least fix Nautilus 3 UI) ... and no - don't look at me, I don't know anyway near enough Vala ...
If we're going to fix Nautilus 3, I want my Miller Columns, dammit :)
This may just mean a new maintainer is required. I'm sure +elementary would be more than willing to pick it up if +am monkeyd wishes to cease development himself.
Bang on the money, sir.
Sadly, +am monkeyd said that he lost interest, so please, pick it up and make it rock! I don't wanna see my beloved FM dead, please +elementary ... please :P
+Rosa Guillén sorry I didn't tag you lol - I am having a very busy day and forgetting people and things :(

no love lost :D
I can't make up my mind if this is news worthy or not... arrrgh damn you lack of sleep! >_<
But it'd be a shame to waste an epic headline: Le Marlin est mort, vive le Marlin
See, I haven't forgotten that I have Swedish to learn ... :P (My ABBA obsession has it's benefits :D)
I am sad to hear that. I hope that a new developer community will be able to continue the project. One of the biggest problems of the open source community is that we have too many 'one man show' projects...
+Joey-Elijah Sneddon yes, that's very likely since the implementations in Marlin are all basically just renamed versions of the same code.
Oh hey, btw, we asked +am monkeyd if he'd be willing to let +elementary head up the development of Marlin and haven't received a response. We're planning on continuing development one way or another; stay tuned.
Hmm there is so much I want to say that I cannot.
Judging my the amount of randomness I should insert some random cherrypicked Megadeth lyrics here :D