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With the Pebble 2, does the heart rate monitor only activate if you have a watch face that shows out, or if you use the warrior app, or show it with the up button, or does it run all the time in the background?

I just updated to v1.7.8 and sometimes at the end of turn based play where it's supposed to show an ad, the screen goes black and locks up the app, the back button won't respond, so I can only exit by hitting the soft home button on my Nexus 5x, then force close the app.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Just got a replacement refurb phone (same model Nexus 5X), how do I back up the alarms and settings to the new phone? I'm not really worried about the sleep data so far, I just don't want to have to setup up the settings & alarms/captcha all over again

But I installed the sleep cloud add on and connected Google Drive under services, but when I go to Backup > Upload to Cloud, the notification error says Backup failed for service Google Drive, please try to reconnect...

So I disconnect and reconnect in the services, but I get the same error.
Any ideas?
Is is also because I switched watches as well under wearables (from Pebble Time to Pebble 2)?

Those of you with Pebble 2s is it necessarty to get an inner or outer skin for the bezel or just a screen protector? Does the bezel scratch as easy on the P2 like the Time?

When playing turn based rounds on the beta build with a friend that does not have the beta, can they play the downloaded courses?

I tried the Oil field one with my friend and he said he got a message and it said he was locked out of it so he could not accept my game invite.

Quick question for those of you that have multiple Pebbles paired to the app:

I currently use a PT, but I got a cheap PT2 from the Target pricematch from BB.

I know on the Manage Pebble screen you can switch between watches, but will it copy all compatible watchfaces/apps and stuff like alarm and timer settings over when I switch Pebbles, or will I have to do some settings on the other Pebble?


Anyone having an issue with the report a bug feature? I type in all the info in the popup box and click Send Report, but then it freezes for a few then crashes. Isn't it supposed to open up an email with the logs?

I am using SaA with Pebble Time and overnight it's on Quiet time and the phone on airplane mode. However, sometimes I will get a notification (like phone battery fully charged, for example) on my PT when I'm sleeping and it will dismiss the SaA app running on the PT and I won't notice until I wake up by the phone alarm

Also when I start the sleep tracking via SaA is it always supposed to launch the PT app? Sometimes it will not launch it and I need to manually launch from the PT.

lately since the last nightly build every time I am done with Sleep As Android and close it I get another popup from SleepCloud that says "Th Requested upload is going to deleted 1 and update 0 records in the cloud. Are you sure you want to proceed? [Only New] [Cancel] [Proceed].

I did Only New the other day and I think it deleted all my recordds ont eh cloud. Now f I try to
"Operation Timeout, restarting backup" then the popup comes up again.

Anyone else have thsi issue?

My sister and I are getting my mom the rose gold PTR for Mother's Day from the Amazon sale this week.
Is it necessary to get a Gadgetwrap screen or bezel protector for it? Also what are some good watchfaces that look good with the rose gold scheme?

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