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Eric Niehoff
Jack of many trades
Jack of many trades


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A single word
It takes the form
Of truth
Or lies
Causing laughs
Or maybe 
And it may come
As no
That once it’s said
You can’t

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Stone grey slab, lifeless construct
Stacked to the heavens with no end in sight
Undefined conflict, internally brewing
Defended as alternative to fight or flight

Words shouted out, reverberating off walls
And slowing dying in the distance
Silence in response, cuts deeper than words
Fighting an unknown resistance

Deaf ears and blind eyes hinder attempts
At healthy communication
Stone by stone the wall’s broken down
Resuming conversation 

#poems  #Poetry
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Under pressure, shaken up
Ready to explode
Hammer cocked, trigger pulled
Another clip unloads
Match is lit, fire burns
Wick is turned to dust
Timer’s set, it ticks away
Soon it will combust 
Image seen, etched in stone
Always on the mind
Losing grip, reality
Sanity left behind
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Raging Waters

Roaring waters, rippled waves
Pounding on the river bank
Spinning chaos undefined
Plant debris that quickly sank

Carving soil and moving stones
Testament of nature’s wrath
First destroying then creating
River’s ever changing path

Dipping down around a bend
Forms monumental fall
Pooling up and calming down
Now encased within a wall

Excess trickles to the side
Forms a peaceful little creek
Amazing that something so violent
Becomes something that’s rather meek
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Siamese Hearts

Before they were quite functional
But once they got too close
The beats synced up, became conjoined
And now they beat as one

Distance cannot separate them
They can’t be torn apart
Pumping love and adoration
Till the day they both depart

Loves embrace, through the chest
A closeness unachieved
Separation at this point
Would destroy entire being

A touch that is eternal
Beyond death it will survive
Before they were quite functional
But now they truly are alive
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