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Hi everyone.
i published new app Weight Tracker
this app will help you to track your weight and to know how is your weight status.
it is in a beta version.
You can help me with few things:
* if you see any bug, please open issue on github[1].
* if you know languages, you can push pull request to github[1] with translation files.
* my design skills are not so good, so if you have idea how to design it better please contact me.



There is a way to give feedback on the comments on the store?
people informed me about bugs in the comments, and i want to give them feedback (like in android play store...) .

tell me what to do.(i need help...)
i have published a bmi calculator, and now i want to expend the app for another weight calculators like Body Fat percentage. 
but, my app called "BMI calculator" and the package called "bmicalc".
i don't know what to do.
1) unpublish the old app, and publish the new one under new name. 
(it is possible to unpublish app ?)
2) publish the new app with new name and just stop updating the old one...

thank you guys. 

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BMI Calculator
I have published a new app that calculate the BMI from height and weight , i don't know how useful it is....
but I would love to get a response from you, if it has anything to change, fix or improve...

thank you!!

you can see it here

and the source is here
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