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Mickey Mellen
Blogger, runner, Google Earth fan, father of two
Blogger, runner, Google Earth fan, father of two

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Tinycards vs Anki

As I’ve talked about before, I’m a big fan of Anki and the concept of spaced repetition flashcard learning. There are competitors to Anki out there, but I always considered them the best. Now there is a new player on the block, Tinycards, and it gives Anki a good battle.

Mechanical keyboards are complex, but awesome

Last week I got an itch to dig more into mechanical keyboards. For those that don’t know what a “mechanical keyboard” is, they’re essentially the loud “clicky” keyboards you’ve seen in the past, and they’re amazingly popular. People are often able to type more quickly and accurately on them, which can add up to big savings across our millions of keystrokes every year.

Bring an old computer back to life with CloudReady

We have an old Windows “all-in-one” computer in our guest room that really doesn’t do much. It’s old, tired and slow. So a few weekends ago, I gave it a new lease on life with CloudReady. Total cost: $0.

Switching to the SEO Framework plugin?

I’ve been a big fan of the Yoast SEO plugin for many years. It does a great job of helping with the SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) on WordPress-powered websites. I first shared it with you back in 2012 and I wrote this long post about how to use it in 2013. Even today we’re still using it on hundreds of websites that we manage. However, we’re starting to use The SEO Framework plugin more and more, and this post will explain why.

The SSL checklist

Having an SSL certificate on your website (making the address start with “https” and include that little green padlock) has always been important for eCommerce sites, but never very much for any other site. However, Google is now pushing that as an increasingly important ranking signal, so if you want your website to show up well in Google, you need to have an SSL.

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A Chromecast on every TV

I’m a big fan of Google products for two main reasons:

1 – In general, they’re pretty great products (Gmail, Maps, Docs, etc).
2 – They tend to work on every major platform.

Item #2 is why I encourage people to choose the Google Chromecast over Apple TV (or Amazon’s Fire Stick) when looking for a streaming device. We have one on every TV in our house, and it’s the primary tool we use on the TV in our office.

Digging into Android Wear 2.0

Last week Google announced Android Wear 2.0, the first major upgrade to their watch software.

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Where can I download WordPress?

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What is WordPress multisite?
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