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I was hoping they'd do this with Google Drive and Chrome OS. Soon, Chrome OS will essentially have file access via Google Drive, which should make it a much more viable operating system.
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That might be why they are holding off on the #driveforlinux
I assume if you use Chrome OS, then you depend on Google Docs? Well, if so then you had best upgrade your storage ASAP!!

Given the fact I've been a Google Docs (and enterprise "Apps") user for years! Now to find out the hard way, that Google has more than doubled my additional storage $$ rate, with the intro of Google Drive!!

I've been needing to increase my storage amount for some time; I currently utilize the $20 per yr. for 80GB; now I find Google has MORE THAN DOUBLED the price I would pay per year for 200GB of storage!!! From $50 per yr. to $10 per month (= $120 per yr.!) NICE!

I have been doing the 80GB per year for several years, but had only recently reached it's limits; was a bit hesitant to upgrade given the fact the next tier was 2-1/2x times more; now I realize instead of storage getting cheaper, (as I assumed would be the case in the near future) Google went the other direction! Very unexpected "future"!!

Way to treat your loyal "Docs" customers well...
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