Wow, +Contactually is blowing me away

A few days ago I shared my struggle to find a suitable CRM.  It wasn't even the full CRM experience that I was looking for, but mostly the follow-up reminders. was pretty good, but seems to be a dead product (no blogs, tweets, etc for almost a year).  I found a few others, but quickly went to their twitter/blog to see how active they were and most were completely dormant.

I somehow stumbled across Contactually and I'm floored.  The product is very solid, but the support behind it is amazing.

Before I joined, I checked out their Twitter feed.  "last updated 6 minutes ago".  Nice.

I signed up and had some issues, so I did a live chat.  Question solved.

I had a few more questions, so I emailed them.  Got an answer the next day, along with a phone call to go into more detail and see what else could help with.  Wow!  This is a $20/month product (and I'm just using the free trial for now), so I was shocked.

It's not perfect (no automatic birthday or new job reminders yet), but it's quite solid and is exactly what I was looking for.  I highly recommend you check them out.
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