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Regime Change China
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Regime Change China

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Mercury in beef from the trash. Yummy.
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Happy American Idiot.
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Regime Change China

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The English translation of Liu Xiaobo's book is hitting shelves soon.
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Regime Change China

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From ET: "Chinese officials played chicken with the Cambridge University administration ... and lost."
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Have them in circles
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Regime Change China

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“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings
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For Human Rights And Civil Chinese Democracy
For human rights and civil Chinese democracy. ''If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?''

If CCP China's regime is the most genocidal in human history and this is to be the Chinese century with the current regime in power, then this will be the bloodiest century the world has ever seen.

This cannot happen. By contrast, a peaceful rise of a liberal electoral Chinese democracy would be good for the Chinese people and the whole world. 

We also believe that the next Chinese government must value life and humanity as much as the CCP regime despises them, otherwise the Chinese people will only replace one set of despots with another.

Therefore we stand:

In support of the Chinese people yearning for nothing more than to be free; let them take what is rightfully theirs, let freedom reign, and eradicate the Communist Party from every segment of government. We unequivocally call for the end of the despotic and deplorable Communist regime in Beijing that is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions and the misery of millions more around the world. Such a government, we believe, is on the same moral footing as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and thus has no right to exist, pursuant to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes that domestic and Westphalian sovereignty cannot guarantee protection for states which routinely and egregiously violate the human rights of their citizens and threaten the lives and livelihoods of other states and their citizens. 

We recognize that the unelected and dictatorial Communist regime in China is illegitimate and thus any effort international or national that supports liberal democracy to remove the current regime from power holds a legitimate claim to do so.

We also hold to the principle that no people, regardless of ethnicity or other background “deserves” to be enslaved, as the Communist regime in China contends. Rather, we hold to the words of Burmese activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi: 

“It is precisely because of the cultural diversity of the world that it is necessary for different nations and peoples to agree on those basic human values which will act as a unifying factor...the values that democracy and human rights seek to promote can be found in many cultures. Human beings the world over need freedom and security so that they may be able to realize their full potential." 

We support the Mission of Human Rights Watch and call for a new Chinese government that follows the text and spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which it regularly violates without even the slightest prick of conscience. Such a government has already lost its right to govern under accepted rules of national sovereignty. 

We support Human Rights Watch in its "cause for those who wish to see the citizens of China live in a free and Democratic society free from fear and oppression," and also call for the following policy changes to take place:

1. The Chinese Government must immediately enact policy changes in order to conform with the rules set forth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. The Chinese government must come clean about Tiananmen square massacre.

3. The Chinese government shall award just compensation to the victims of the Tiananmen square massacre and other such events.

4. The organ harvesting of political prisoners, the Falun Gong and others MUST stop.

5. The Chinese supported genocide in Sudan (by among other things, providing arms to the genocidal Sudanese government) and other countries for strategic economic gain must be condemned and discontinued.

6. The continued occupation of Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, and Manchuria must come to an end.

7. The Chinese government shall work towards and Taiwanese Independence.

8. The Chinese government shall also immediately cease support of the Burmese Junta and similarly repressive regimes.

Additionally, we call for the end to the one-party system that breeds human rights violations, bureaucratic incompetence in meeting the ordinary needs of the people, corruption, and military adventurism. It is time that the butchers of Beijing no longer mar the name of and dishonor the good people of China. They have suffered enough at the hand of the Imperial Japanese during the Second World War; they do not deserve to suffer the same horrid treatment by their own government (nor does the rest of the world deserve to suffer because of this regime).

It is also time for China to stop preventing the progress from poverty of Third World states in Africa, Asia, and South America by undercutting their exports by artificially lowering the value of Chinese currency and the wages of workers (many of whom are slave and child laborers and many of whom work in political prison camps), then using its position to force Third World countries into doing business with the regime.

We seek to help the people of China stop their government from providing weapons and material support to terrorist organizations and rogue regimes, as it has in the past and continues to do so, such as it has or is with Hezbollah, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, and others. This includes the passing along of nuclear and other WMD technology. 

Finally, we call for the West to recognize the governments of Tibet, Taiwan, and to lend further support to Mongolian autonomy.

It is time for the Terror of Tienanmen to come to an end.