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Rainbow Lorikeets 🐦🐦🐦
By Jeff Davies on
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Parrot bird known brightly Ballowanh ranging from green, red, blue, yellow, and the tradition of some of the types of sounds which make birds grainy humans for breeding Ktaor pampered, have to learn gray parrot African about 800 words, but it is in the wild does not imitate sounds each other or any other sounds, but bushing and vocal and whistles occur They are intelligent, social birds, there are parrots in the warmer regions of the world including India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and one species - now extinct in the United States called (Carolina parakeet), which became extinct in the early twentieth century - as well as Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring Parrot relatively large headed, short neck, and tongue thick, and Qaúmah square claws that help him dangling tree branches, and the beak steel solid able to break the solid walnut crust, in addition to the ability of certain types to imitate sounds, and the length of the age of some kinds.

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